Brighton (A) 12:30

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Kwp Sanchez Toby Dier Jan Davies Rose

Flat back 7
Only field 10 men as it's a winning formula.
Long ball

Need to try and keep this respectable. Play for the draw, look for a smash and grab.


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If all are healthy and ready to go:

KWP Foyth Sanchez Davies
Dele Dier Ndombele
Lamela Kane Son​

I don't want to see a handful of players right now as I think their heads are not really here at the moment.

That includes the two belgiums, Eriksen, Rose, and Aurier.

The sooner Sess gets back the better as it is time to give our youth the chance to control the future of this club.

Kane must be so fucking pissed right now after seeing a comparable side out there today, completely wipe the floor with his team.

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The Brighton the Hove and the Albion will be pumped for this game no doubt about that, their little seaside stadium will be rocking, so our boys will have to have some guts in this one......have they any guts left? This actually might be a game that shows us how much is left in the tank, how much they actually want it......

A lightweight performance just going through the motions with anything less than a win then we are at the point of no return I reckon for this team & manager.....
I cannot tell you how much I want this game to come just now...
I need it to wipe away this feeling burning into my heart after standing and watching THAT last night.
It's either going to do so in a good way (let's hope) or if it goes badly (and I dearly hope not) in a different sad way that I think will usher in a whole new era...
Edit... This is effectively exactly what COckneY Spurs just said...
If Poch doesn't lose his job before this game and is still somehow in charge then Brighton is a must win surely? If he loses to Brighton I don't see how he can keep his job at this point.
Not singling you out here, but does it matter? Say we roll in and batter Brighton 7-2...does that give confidence to anyone? I'm "Poch in", but it's going to take at least a courtesy really good performances to convince me that they've straightened things out at this point.
We have a win rate of 33% when Lamela starts in league this season, and 100% when he doesn't. Lamela is not the answer. The answer is to change the guy picking the team.
Apparently we didn’t beat city away (where Lamela scored) or Woolwich away (where Lamela assisted) because of Lamela. What a load of bollocks.


Slaughter these plastic fuckers. They betrayed Hughton. 30,000 fans have come from nowhere. Barely 1,500 gave a sh*t when they were at Gillingham, and they couldn’t fill a 6k stadium at Withdean. They’re like Reading. Literally no proper fans.


Fuck everyone!

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