Christian Eriksen

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Death to petro-murder-ball sports-washing.
I don’t recall a crazy purported United bid for him but I may be misremembering.

Indeed. There wasn't (IIRC anyway), but we were talking about CE and the notion of selling our best players at their peak.

They would have paid us heaven and earth for Dele.

Who knows... I don't recall much beyond general rumoured interest anyway, so we're left hypothesising again (much like above re CE).

Mbappe from Monaco to PSG is really the only nine figure transfer in history the selling club didn’t unambiguously win. The market has reached a place where it’s just objectively more than any single footballer is worth.

It is now, but the Neymar/Mbappe window (that fucked the entire market thereafter) was Summer 17 so the trickle-down effects wouldn't have been felt elsewhere the same summer.

(Personally, I think Mbappe has still to prove he was 'worth' the 200m+ and thus Monaco got a cracking deal..... I definitely don't think Neymar was 'worth' similar and it looks like PSG don't stand to recover a penny on either in fees and have no CL trophy to show for it.)


ENIC OUT NOW !!! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Not gonna get dragged into a Wah-Levy epic... It's been done to death and if people want to deny the financial implications of of our stadium project kicking into gear as Poch's team was peaking.... I'm past arguing about it.
That’s because you’ve been owned so many times about the ENIC lies on it


Even at his worst for us Eriksen could still pass the ball. Bring him back as he’s free, he improves us so much.
I’m all for bringing him in to train and honestly would love to see him playing for us again. But I would prefer he trains for a month or two just to make sure nothing happens.

If doctors clear him and he’s mentally ready, he’s better than our current midfield options so why not?

Massive Conte

The fact that Eriksen, a player who hasn’t played football for 7 months due to having a fucking heart attack would be an improvement on Ndombele should be more than enough to get that fat cunt out the door this season. Offer him to Newcastle for £20m.

I’d love to see that fat clogger plying his trade in the Championship next season.


Not ideal but given Ndombele and Lo Celso’s failure to step up as well as Dele’s total decline Eriksen at the very min would be an extra body and we know he can pass quickly into front players.
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