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Would you prefer your country won a world cup or Spurs won the league?

  • Club

    Votes: 79 85.9%
  • Country

    Votes: 13 14.1%

  • Total voters


Owen against Brazil? You sure? In the WC QF England lost, or the 1-1 friendly draw?

I could understand Owen against Argentina. Just surprised so many people you know claim one of the Brazil goals.

Unless you are spouting shite again.

Give the bloke a break he’s obviously a Spurs fan from abroad. Even I knew immediately that he meant Owen scoring against Argentina in France 98. Get a grip FFS.
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Away and get fucked. You’ve been a member here for about twenty seconds and you’ve decided you can cut about the place telling people what to do. Get fucked. Again.

You don’t really deserve a response because you ooze thick cunt.

My apologies to others for responding to this arse-wipe - it wont happen again. :roseunsure:
I want to sleep with Halle Berry for one season. Good luck to both of us but don't hold your breath. Compared to your dream I think mine has a chance of coming true.
All penalty takers miss eventually, so rather he missed a nothing one for England, than a something one for Spurs, is I think his point. Coolest penalty taker I remember as a kid was Liverpool’s Phil Neal; I genuinely thought he could never miss, but of course he did miss eventually, and quite a few thereafter! :chicco:
Yes.. that was it... I shoulda said 'eventually' rather than one less... of COURSE he'll miss one for us eventually, but I'd rather he missed one for England NOW, and focuses even more on not making it 2 NEXT time he takes one for us... which may WELL be this Afternoon!!
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