Come here to laugh at Citeh

I can't think of any other club over the years that has underachieved against us so badly in head to heads.

So many matches when they've absolutely battered us at times, and we somehow tough it out for a result.

A Poch match comes to mind, they were 1-0 up near HT and it could have been 5. Result? 4-1 to us.

Poch again - a 2-2 up there (Walker somehow not being pinged for a pen and a red card)

Poch - 2-1 up there with Lamela coming on late on and running through a knackered MF for CE.

Poch - Pep's first 6 games i/c and 6 wins on the trot. Meeja saying - "Citeh going to go unbeaten this season, hell they might win EVERY MATCH!!!" Kane injured, Son playing false number 9, 2-0 to Spurs and we even missed a pen to make it 3-0.

The CL matches - surely we can't beat them over 180 mins? Haha with that pen miss. Haha with Llorente's "goal". Haha with that Sterling "winner".

The day the Kippax was re-opened, we knocked them out the cup, they went ahead, we even missed a pen, was it 4-1? 4-2 to us?

They're beating us in the '81 final, it's all going tits up for us - haha with that oggie off the wall.

And of course the winner in the replay, such a spectacular Ricky goal, it gets shown hundreds of times every year.

Boy are we in their heads or what.

I know their fans absolutely detest us, later on today while I've got Songs of Praise on the telly I might have a cheeky look at Blue Moon
And let's not forget this............

And let's not forget this............

If memory serves me correctly, they got a dodgy last minute GK loan for that match under the justification that they didn't have any fit Keepers and it would be unfair and damaging to the development of the GKs lower down their order to play in such a high pressure match. This was granted even though their 3rd choice GK was fit and an international (albeit Faroe Islands).

Anyway fuck them we still won
Just had a cheeky look at Blue Moon Cafe.......

Its started already...

"This isn't a real season"
"Mickey mouse corona season so won't count......"
"Mike Dean and VAR against us......"

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