Could a new Manager (the right manager) change everything?

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Looking on paper at the squad we have and it really isn't that bad.

we saw last year what Tuchel coming in to replace Lampard did for Chelsea. if we got the right man. be it Potter/Gallardo/Valverde/Parker/Ten Hag etc could they have us challenging for top 4 again or is a complete squad overhaul required?

*This doesn't need to be "nothing with change till that **** Levy is gone" thread. That isn't happening, trying to look optimistically to the future.

How much of how poor we are is down to Nuno? if we had an attacking manager with a proper system, given the players we have, how good could we be?
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Team Tanguy

Each Baz like = I give him a call <3
This game of ignoring the root cause and picking out symptoms is pointless.

Chelsea's squad cannot be compared to ours.

But yes we could be better with a good manager. Better still wouldn't be good enough though without investment
Parker? Why on earth would you mention him? I suspect Klopp would get a big more out of them but I’ve seen nothing to suggest Parker would.
I think the answer is in the short term a top man would get a reaction but the squad is stale and predictable, it needs a complete restructure.
Help and improve - Yes

Fix - No.

Unless the new manager can get rid of Levy, Parawanky and lots of deadwood and bring in and knit together a coherent squad.
Parker? Why on earth would you mention him? I suspect Klopp would get a big more out of them but I’ve seen nothing to suggest Parker would.
I think the answer is in the short term a top man would get a reaction but the squad is stale and predictable, it needs a complete restructure.
Some people are here are very keen based on what he's doing at Bournemouth and the Football he has them playing. I'm on the fence with him really .

We do clearly need in the next possible window -

A CB to play beside Romero
A CM -maybe that's Sarr - we'll see
An AM - Someone to finally replace Eriksen
A Forward
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Our squad isn’t great or perfect but is performing way below its peak. Tottenham is a club that usually doesn’t buy superstars so we need managers that make us the players play to their absolute peak and above. So yeah a better manager would make the squad and players play better
It’s both in my opinion. We need the right manager because Nuno clearly isn’t it, but the squad is awful too. We’ve got some good players in the first 11, but beyond that we are severely lacking in quality.


Yes Brighton, Brentford, West Ham all have weaker squads. Brighton and Brentford play better football and West Ham are more ruthless. Difference is coaching/management.

City/Liverpool/Chelsea have better squads but ours is about the same or better than the rest bar Leicester and United who are roughly the same. An elite manager would get us 4th. I am talking Conte level.
I think top 6 while competing for top 4 is realistic. If there was an air of positivity around the place in performances especially in an attacking sense.

Its hard to say it's just down to Nuno as players have let down previous management but surely we can do better with someone who has a clear identity of how they want to play football.

These players lack imagination so I think in that sense it's down to being well drilled and have patterns of play.

Also our attacking players need to be less selfish a few too many times they take the shot whereas If they just square it will be a goal happened twice Vs West ham. A good coach would drill this in the team
They cant change everything, the board will always limit how far we can go but a manager could get us playing good football, make players look better, perhaps push us to 5th and start to build something rather than this treading water boredoom we currently have.
Squads overrated. Lloris is a good keeper but the top 4 all have better ones, our fullbacks are meh, Romero is our only good centre back, our central midfield options are meh, going forward we have two very good attackers (one doesn't wanna be here though) but the supporting cast isn't even mid-table level. Then we have Ndombele who is very talented but doesn't do enough off the ball to play deep but doesn't offer quite enough on it to be a proper 10.

A huge rebuild is needed. A manager getting the best out of this side will get us Europa League at best. Loads of investment is going to be required to change our fortunes, and the likelihood is that this won't be forthcoming.
How boring we are to watch is mostly down to coaching though. Under a decent coach we're a EL team and could be playing entertaining stuff most weeks. If the ambition is to be top 4 again though (which, I hope it is???) then the squad has major deficiencies and not even Jurgen Klopp could get us there without new players.
I was prepared to finish between 5th and 8th this year and fine with that.

But we needed to see decent football and a plan for the future. There's no apparent plan.

Our best players are a 29 year old winger that relies on pace and a 28 year old that doesn't want to play for us anymore. That doesn't bode well for the future.

We have a short list of young players that show promise: Romero and Skipp definitely, and possibly Gil. I like Tanganga as well but he has been second choice to Royal, who I don't think is better.

We still have zero backup plan for Kane even though we clearly should have moved him on and replaced him with a young talent over the summer.

It's not an exciting time to support spurs.
A new manager with a progressive and attacking approach, and that can and is backed to make some touch decisions would make a difference. The players need to buy into something- a philosophy and be willing to work for the manager. They’re not doing it for Nuno (bar the first game which was then undermined by dull tactics and Kane returning). They need competition for their places which they’re not getting because the players couldn’t give a fuck and also don’t seem to know what they’re meant to be doing.
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