Davinson Sanchez

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He's visibly improving thanks to a run of games... If he can re-find his first season form (when notably he also enjoyed a sustained run) then surely that's a good thing and he can further build from there?
I am just not seeing this "visible" improvement mate

Maybe he is and I am blind to it , just seeing the same player I have seen for the best part of two years now i'm afraid

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As I said , there is no good combination right now

Toby and Jan have been great defenders and I guess I am hoping they can rediscover that form somewhat

I simply just don't rate Sanchez , don't think he is progressing in anyway , in fact I feel like he has regressed drastically from his first season

Plus his passing out from the back is a disaster , at least the others are comfortable on the ball
Absolutely agree....

Have been


'Cause I know the power of the question
Best performing defender we have right now.
That's damning with faint praise ain't it? Like skinniest kid at fat camp stuff. It may be fact but it's not really something about which to be proud.

Ignoring weaker links in the proverbial chain is a flawed approach to any potential solution. Include the full backs and anyone else overtly tasked with defensive duties this season; he's out-performing them all.
Fair point but it also points to (non-footballing) errors being made elsewhere...or a cynical plan.

icing sugar
Have you had icing made of anything other than a sugared substance? Feels a little bit liquid water.

Did anyone ever coach the brain farts out of Kyle Walker?
No, but bus-conductor bus-conductor attempted to castigate and ridicule them out. Ultimately he was unsuccessful but not from lack of trying.
No problem....

"Rag-dolled" implies being out-muscled.
"Rolled" implies being 'done' by movement.

Not splitting hairs at all; different phrasing suggests different things.
Yes, and both do happen. But against Rondon(🥰) it was embarrassing. But most times it is a combination of balance and leverage (more rolled than outright ragdolled but the tussle can be mistaken). He gets preoccupied with body-ing the player which he did in the ManU game as well. I don't understand it since he has the recovery pace.

If there is a hair to be split, he's your man.
I could attempt it on the 5 remaining on your pate if you desire a little help my slappy friend.
Folk waiting for Toby/jan of 16/18 to return think Bale's coming "home" too. Not going to happen they are both finished. I'm depressed by the thought that we will regress playing long ball football and old once good pro's under an old past it manager. The game constantly evolves( I so hope I'm wrong).
I hate all that shit, but it's so prevalent from both sides.... It's alien to the football I used to play and it baffles me how we don't see more cards and pens as a result.

I hadn't clocked him as being overtly bad for it... I'll keep a keen eye out.

He loves a cheeky shove in the back when ushering a ball out for a goalkick tho. Again, I'm baffled how these things don't get punished more, but he seems to have a technique that ref's tolerate.
Agree that he has figured out how not to get called for it. He has bulldozed over multiple guys in the last 12 months. Mostly Brazilians.
We need a dominant CB, Toby did it for a while and when he first arrived the defence noticeably improved. In the same way that Dawson improved and got into the England team on the back of playing with King, whoever partners a new dominant CB will improve whichever of the current players survives. Look how Liverpool improved after buying a dominant CB. Do not watch enough non Spurs matches to name who we should buy but whether Toby leaves or not we need to spend big in this area and not buy someone for the future or promote from the under23's.

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MOTM but then that’s not saying a lot. Dier, Dele and Aurier were rubbish.
I feel sorry for my son I dragged the poor little bugger up there to watch the game today.
The highlight for me was the pie at half time.
was class today. snuffed out a hell of a lot of through balls from the Brighton midfield, his timing in the challenge was great and his reading of the game was the best of it all. turning in to the player we hoped he would be?...
was class today. snuffed out a hell of a lot of through balls from the Brighton midfield, his timing in the challenge was great and his reading of the game was the best of it all. turning in to the player we hoped he would be?...
He has it in him to be the rugged, no-nonsense type that Mourinho likes at CB.

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