DeAndre Yedlin

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It's not a matter of position for Yedlin, it's a matter of where his skills fit in a formation. He has pace, he can beat a defender with straight line speed and cross, but little else - at this time. He is not a scoring threat. He is not a dribbler. He is getting better at defense. Good Man defense, but questionable Team defense.
In a 442, his skills fit as a RM - similar to a Lennon-type player. This is where he fits for TeamUSA. In a 4231 that Spurs play, he would need to play as a RB - similar to Rose.
DONT MENTION ROSE HERE. Another thread up in flames courtesy of the resident troll if you me Spurbanite Spurbanite
Yes, and he was involved in the most entertaining part of a dreary game.

should have ended him right there and then
Good to see Yedlin getting regular time at RB. IMO, he has both the physical traits and the instincts to make it as an "attacking" FB in the PL. Having watched him at various times over the past 3 years or so, the improvement in both his defense and his passing is very evident. By no the finished product, but he is beginning to show why we took a flyer on him.
Alternatively if he can't cut it in a Premiership side with low expectations, why should we think he can do the business for us? This is a challenge he should be relishing.


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His confidence must be taking a pounding at Sunderland. Will it be the making of him or is it time to try and bring him back?
Character building. You learn a lot being in those situations. I just hope he's not dropped because his team is shipping a load of goals. He seems to be the one trying to attack
I haven't paid too much attention to him, but in the highlights against Woolwich this weekend it looked like he was out of position on nearly every goal.


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I hear he's well thought of up there but I haven't really studied him.

Was it Poch that wanted him?
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