Dirty Leeds! FA cup (away)

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...great moves, sublime skill... will probably earn him his move to Madrid in the Summer...
but seriously, what's the point when we lose 2-1 and are dumped out of the Cup...?
I'd have rathered he'd hoof it into the guys' face... like Michael Brown did to Parker on 92 minutes... at least Brownie's in the 5th round... unlike soppy Gareth Bale!

Still, at least he'll get his 3 seconds on Soccer AM's Showboat section next Saturday!! then he can tweet about it, and we can all be proud that slutty Helen Chamberlain and Max whatshiscuntface mentioned us ON THE TELLY!

Worldie skills are worthless if they don't get a win... WINNING IS EVERYTHING... SKY SAID SO!

fuck I hate the FA Cup right now.... they get their CUPSETS to make 'the common man' happy, AND they'll make sure of their ArseAnal/Chelsea/Man City/Man Utd semi-Final... tell me it won't come to pass!!

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classy video taken after the game
"Gas, Gas, Gas, gas the basturds... ha-ha-ha-ha"
:ade: :avblol: :baelol: :bale2: :dawsonlol: :levylol: :vert:

Happy fucking Holocaust Remembrance Day... Funny innit?

Fuck off and die you Northern backward cunts! That's the sort of sentiment that wins you Cup ties apparently... Chelsea showed us that last season... it's old news! ...and to think, I was actually wishing you well on Sunday! fuck that, I hope Man Shitty rip your Mum a new one... if she hasn't already had her gash ripped open by your Northern monkey Uncle/Brother/Grandad... you like a bit of 'no one's looking incest' what with the dark winter northern nights, now pits are closed, doncha?

I bet they're all wanking over their bedroom posters of Jimmy Saville, Harold Shipman and Peter Sutcliffe (enough serial killers for one pikey shitty town is it?) who no doubt EVERY CUNT FROM LEEDS LOOKS UP TO AS A FUCKING MENTOR AND HERO! FUCKCUNTS!

EDIT: maybe I was a tad harsh on some of my more colourful points!


Shelf Side Tottenham
This video has left me fucking fuming, shouting 'gas the bastards' isn't banter, it had nothing to do with football. I hate these wankers (not just Leeds) who make light of the holocaust and the treatment of Jews!!

And that knob head Herbert, is calling US the racists?!?!?
Fuck 'em, they're cunts, Man City will duly tear them a second anus, and they can rot mid-table in the Championship for all I care. I've been to their ground now so I don't give a fuck what happens to them.
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