Eric Dier

Never heard of the of source, but this isn't the first time this summer we've been linked to this kid. English, but unfortunately wouldn't count as a HG. Does appear from vids to be a more athletic CB, which would certainly be the type to appeal to Poch and his high line.


Raw Ill give it to ya no trivia. Okay, some trivia
Don't know much about him but have to respect any English player who gives it a go abroad. Lots more should do the same. Hopefully coming up in Portugal he has more refined technical ability.
Remember reading a piece on him in FourFourTwo magazine, as it's unusual for a English player to play in Portugal.

Was quite highly rated at one point, I know that much.
Some guys on SC have been posting translated posts from a Sporting board, and it does appear as though they're quite upset about this news. Seem very hopeful it's not true. Would seem to bode well for us if it is.
All I know about him is that he becomes a very good player on football manager. Would be nice to have another Englishman though, even if it doesn't add to the homegrown count.
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