Final game of the season vs. Newcastle (away)

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But even Dembele himself is a part of a problem.

He compensates for not being the best passer let alone a calming, controlling midfield general by just being able to spinning & sprinting out of trouble, or in tight monents just shrugged off markers like flies.

The problem he hides is the fact, that we STILL have no controlling midfield player, someone extremely confident on the ball who can control the pace - who knows when to slap it 40 yards deep for Kane to run onto, or to step on the ball, play little 1-2's and draw tempo out of a game.

Then who would you suggest that is better than Dembele and can do all of that for us that is someone we can reasonably get?
Our first eleven will give any other team in the league a game, once you have to swap some of those for our squad players then we aren't so good. I still can't actually believe that some of you thought we had the best squad in the league.

While some of you might lay awake at night worrying about Real Madrid stealing Kane or Alli, I doubt you do the same for the likes of Ben Davies, Carroll or Chadli. The only sliver of sunshine is that Poch might be able to use this as a reason to squeeze Levy and make him spend over the summer.
Been thinking this for a long time that particularly at White Hart Lane we give refs an easy time when a bad decision goes against us. Just look at the Newcastle fans reaction today at the sending off, even though the sending off was justified, without the benefit of seeing a replay their reaction must have put doubt in the ref's mind. What happens at the next big call he has to make - gives the decision (wrongly) in the home teams favour.

If thats in the other box and we do that to earn a pen im sure we would be happy. But with half hour to get one goal against 10 men. What's the need to push everyone up and have no back 4. Why is walker taken off and replaced with chadli?? Maybe the wrong side but why not put rose? Why didn't he start either? Had he not gone down I still think he'd have scored. It's a joke that we allowed them to break like that and have no cover. Fucking kamikaze spurs.
I must apologise.

I was under the impression that we had suffered a fairly uncharacteristic loss, against a team that was desperate to show a bit of pride, and decided to go for one last hurrah. I feel just as bad about the loss as all of you but I was totally unaware that the team that we all support, who we have been creaming our collective pants over for the majority of the season, have in addition to playing like a pub team in one game out of 38, also sent the entire squad out to visit all of your homes and anally rape all of your mothers, wives and sisters.

Danoir has assured me that due to my incredible age that my wife was given a pass as she's a dried up bag of bones, a courtesy obviously extended to my mother, and older sister - and I guess the daughters got let off on a sympathy vote.

I am sorry that you are all so traumatised by the result that it has caused you all to forget the excellent performances, the satisfying victories and all of the (team) cock sucking and internet slobbering you were all doing whilst things were going well for you. But not any more - you can obviously put that particular false dawn to bed, because that hitherto committed bunch of over achieving professionals who all made us proud to be spurs supporters, just turned out to be a bunch of cunts who were not only stringing us along, but came round and humiliated you all personally, and then sodomised the females in all of your families.

But not my pruny wrinkled relatives.

Which is obviously why I don't really give a fuck, and am still proud of what Spurs achieved this season.

I hope you all have enough tissues to wipe up your tears.

It because of all that work that it is makes 2 points from 12 a disgraceful return. Today's performance was also a disgrace. Newcastle had nothing to play for and we had some history to play for.

You talk about pride of what we did this year. But team could not play in a way to honour the effort they had put into the season so far by throwing it away. It is humiliating. 1 more fucking point was needed.
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The realisation of what has happened is starting to set in (how the fuck did we lose 5-1 to a ten man relegated Newcastle) I'm gonna have to go through hell for a couple of weeks now, every football fan in my family are Woolwich and all my work colleagues are either Woolwich or irons. This place is my only respite
He won't be offered a new deal because he's past his best. If he ain't good enough for a Europa league club, he ain't good enough for a CL club.

He's still their best midfielder!! Only reason they're letting go is the 30m Schneiderlin and gamble on Schweinsteiger means someone has to make way and the older man is let go.
Whining children annoy me.

BTW - for someone who gets arsey when people disagree with you, you are hitting the disagree button like a morse code telegraphist tonight................

I gotta say, I dislike you more than anyone else on this board.

Joe is a cunt when he drinks and he gets angry. Danior, or whatever the fuck he's called, is a cunt when he gets angry. There's a drive there, a motivation, they get worked up and they lose control, giving it some sort of justification.

You're not angry or worked up. Even in your neutral calm state, you just come across as a dickhead. Coming onto a football forum saying "Chillax, people haven't died or had limbs blown off", mate it's a football forum for fuck sake.

Smoked Salmon

Finest human being of all time
I haven't melted all season. BUT I am fucking livid about today's result. Totally unacceptable not only to lose, but to lose badly in the manner we did. It makes me want to kill myself - my only saving grace being that when it comes down to the all important moment, I wouldn't have the bottle because I'm Spurs through and through: fucking gutless.
Also the Tottenham legal team do nothing to stand up to the FA.

Delli Alli was suspended for the season for a "love tap". The player (Jacob) said it was nothing, Pulis said it was nothing. Same circumstances when Garry Barry excused Diego Costa of biting him, so the FA took leniency on Costa. Why was that not applied to Alli, an England star??

Dembele was also done by trial-by-(Sky)TV even though we have evidence of the linesman seeing the alleged eye gouging. It was ruled when Vertongen was scratched in the face by Torres that even though the linesman didn't see, he "should" have seen it so the FA couldn't punish Torres.

A friendly newspaper could print the photo of the lino standing right in front of Dembele and Costa and Spurs' view they are furious with the FA.

The Spurs legal team show as much backbone as the players did today! They should be sacked!

And Lloris can be not made captain just to keep him happy (he's a rubbish captain). He lets in lots of soft goals, including that equalizer V Woolwich 10-men just like 4th goal today where he much too far over at the near post. Frazer Foster is much better than him and English.

Agree with some of the soft goals he let in. Wba was another but really at 4 we are criticising him? Where the fuck were all the players in front off him. The break away for the pen, few others too most of which resulted in a goal. Time and time again he was left one on one. Where the fuck were the other players??? I'd sooner keep him then lose him. Even Toby had his worst game today. Where the fuck was the pride?
Was very angry after the shit performance. Got a cab home quick from the hope and anchor in crouch end because I could not face all the scum supporters on the W7. I feel that our team has really let us down over the last four games but over the season they have been amazing. The team is crying out for a calming influence in mid field in the modric/Carrick mold who can control the pace of games especially when the pressure is on. Poch and his team have been great at finding/fixing weaknesses in the squad and hopefully they can add some depth in the summer. I know it hurts now that the scum have finished above us but the pain will make it even better when we finish above them. Keep your heads up tomorrow at work guys. Remember we have some of the best young players in Europe, a fantastic coach, champs league football and a world-class stadium on the way. Whilst a second place finish might paper over the cracks this season at the shirates they are a club in disarray who have shown little desire this season under the leadership of Wenger. The future is bright the future is Lillywhite. TTID

Taking the humiliation now won't make difference if we ever manage to finish above em. They have been so bad but finish above us. Says it all about the two clubs. 2nd or 3rd ultimately gets you in the same boat but we all know that's a load of bullshit. 3 points from 12 needed. Before we can talk about title finish above Woolwich. What a disgraceful end to what was just a great season.
Whatever we feel right now, we've had a great season and achieved so much. Kane gets golden boot and deserves it. Right now , It hurts, its embarrassing and on the whole disappointing but we mustn't allow it to over shadow the whole season, everything is in place to march forward and Im already looking forward to next season.Im refusing today to spoil my day and my expectations for next season.

You are right but why couldn't the players like they could honour that hard work. To finish above them to take the 2nd spot is what we deserved. Used to us pissing away what we deserve. Lucky we did not implode the spurs way sooner. One knock or bad result is always what it takes. Always round the corner. No matter what we go for
I gotta say, I dislike you more than anyone else on this board.

Joe is a cunt when he drinks and he gets angry. Danior, or whatever the fuck he's called, is a cunt when he gets angry. There's a drive there, a motivation, they get worked up and they lose control, giving it some sort of justification.

You're not angry or worked up. Even in your neutral calm state, you just come across as a dickhead. Coming onto a football forum saying "Chillax, people haven't died or had limbs blown off", mate it's a football forum for fuck sake.

You have been outed as a liar by yours truly more times than Newcastle scored today. Need I remind you and anyone else of all of the lies?
You have been outed as an idiot who's happy that we're behind if that means you were right in your predictions.
You have been outed as a guy who visits Etihad more than WHL.

By God if I will have you call me a cunt, you pathetic little kid.

FFS you wholeheartedly thought a player who scores 10 goals A YEAR was simply a player who had scored 10 goals ANY year. You said and kept on saying that Nikola Tesla wasn't a scientist. You're what's wrong with this world.

And it's Danoir. Illiterate bastard
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