Footballers or other sports stars you've met who left a bad impression

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Does anyone know anyone famous and they know you?

I know Olly Murs he's a nice bloke
You know I imagine olly murs is a decent guy out of showbiz

I’m sure he’s maxing out all he can and I respect that

But oh fuck me what an insufferable wanker he is and the music he’s involved with

Can’t stand him in anything
I met the mighty John McGinn once

I offered him a crisp ... he put his whole hand in the packet and left me just some crumbs

In between necking a whole packet of my tomato flavour snaps

I’m sure he went ‘do you know who I am’

I said fuck me. I know more about you than most people I grew up with

And I’ve got this Scottish cunt sausage vince to thank for that !!
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