Giovani Lo Celso

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Lo Celso is clearly a very good player, I'm glad he's finally gotten a run in the team and he is getting to show how good he can be. He didn't have the best game with the ball, but I thought overall he played well. It'll be nice if we can get him and Ndombele into the same team for a run of games, think they can boss it.


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Loved the foul on Walker too...

Developing our very own second "Crazy eyes"

Yeah that was a particular highlight for me.

I love the inventiveness of his play. Its so Modric, the first time passes over opponents head with delicacy, outside the boot passes outwide.

Plus in one game, against one of the best teams in Europe, he showed he can play deep midfield in arguably the toughest league in the world.
Like the way he doesn't panic on the ball, in the second half when he looked to have got himself in a bit of bother deep in his own half he drew two City players in and back heeled through them to keep possession. Backs his own ability and clearly getting more confident, great to see.
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