Glenn Hoddle

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Can't remember if it was The General or Stevie P who said that he used his feet like golf clubs and could ping a ball onto a sixpence anywhere on the pitch. Stevie also said that that he controlled a game by making two killer passes and we would win 2-1, in answer to criticism that he wasn't involved enough.
Probably our best player in my lifetime as a Spurs supporter. His mastery of the ball was mind boggling, his vision was unearthly and his variety of passing was incredible. He had a natural talent that can't be taught, and made it look so easy. Most of his goals were so spectacular that they will live in the memory for a very long time. Thank goodness that a number of them were caught on camera, so the youngsters can see what a special player we had on our books, and home grown, to boot.
"Hoddle, Hoddle, Hoddle, Hoddle - born is the King of White Hart Lane"
I feel so privileged to have seen him.
And he was one of ours,never cost us a penny.Yet still there are people(not Spurs fans) who think he weren't all that and was a luxury player.
I remember a heated discussion in my then local with a couple of mates back in the 80s. And one of them's view point was he shouldn't be in the England squad,let alone team as he couldn't tackle.
The country was blind to the fact what a superbly gifted talented footballing genius we had in Hoddle
Years later ,i was talking to one of the older Gooners in my pub,and he got quite angry about how Hoddle was wasted by England.
He could see it,sadly many couldn't and still can't...
You’ve both nailed it. Great posts.

As I’ve said on here before, it was worth getting in early to watch him warm up. Clough also said of him that he had ‘moral courage’ - in that the game at the time was a lot of pace, power and aggression. Hoddle took that on, held onto the ball when he knew he might get his legs broken and played passes that everyone else could only dream of.

Whatever else he achieved after playing and no matter the mistakes, England wasted a once in a generation player for Bryan Robson and Peter Reid
I would bet good money, that even now at 60 odd years of age, if you put him in training with these players, technically he will be able to do things they can't.

His technique on those shitty pitches, in an era where you could kick the fuck out of each other was sublime.

It was Platini who said if he was French we'd build the team around him. Not a bad judge.
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I have to add - esp for people who were unfortunate not to see him play - that I haven’t seen a Spurs player since to touch him or to be worthy of comparison.

Gazza was the nearest but with a different skill set
I agree but he was replaced as my favourite midfielder when we went to Palace in the season that we were in threat of relegation. They were bottom but if they beat us they would go above us. They had also beat us 1-0 At WHL AND THE GOAL WAS A YARD OFFSIDE.
Anyway we were playing on their bumpy pitch and Ginola got the ball on the edge of our box and dribbled the whole length of the pitch, with the ball going up and down on the bumps. He was unbelievable as was Waddle on his day.
And now we have Sissoko and Winks !!
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