Have we signed Esteban Cambiasso yet [The race]

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There is a thing about this higher paced EPL that bothers me though , how come some older players like Viera, Flamini and others fail in Italy but can come to the EPL and have an impact ? There must be others that i forgot about but even Scholes after 6 months in retirement made an almost direct impact. Is the high paced EPL a myth or does it only concern wingers and wingbacks ?
The thing is, Viera was 20 when he arrived at Woolwich and played in England for 9 years before spending 5 in Italy. He then came back to play one year at 34 where he was OK, but a shadow of his former self. Flamini similar in that he played at Woolwich for four years before going to Italy, then moved back last year at age 29 - still a prime age.

Cambiasso on the other hand has never played in England, and has only played a season and a half at Madrid (the half based on his appearances dropping by some margin in the second season) and will be 34 when the season starts. The vast majority of his career has been Italy (10 years) and he left La Liga 11 years ago. Serie A while a great league which I enjoy watching very much, is a league which doesn't play at the breakneck speed that the Premier League does. Cambiasso was considered done in Milan, now at 34 with no EPL experience and minimal time outside Italy is being lined up to come in at Spurs.

He was a great player, but he isn't anymore. A lot of Italian fans were saying his legs have gone. If we sign him I of course hope he does well but the odds are very much stacked against him IMHO

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Relight my Dier
I think that, on a free, why not take the gamble? He's not going to start every match and I imagine he'll still be able to do a job despite his age. Leadership qualities will definitely help out in what was a very fragmented dressing room last season.

Saying that - I won't be disappointed if he doesn't come. I'm very much in the camp of 'I don't really mind if he signs or not'
He's won so much. He's Argentinian. He's a leader. He's got no hair.
On a free, there's absolutely nothing to complain about here!
I can imagine Pochettino maybe sees him as a bit of a player/manager
I just wonder if he's being considered for his leadership qualities. He has Captained Inter Milan and is described as a good leader.. And this club definitely needs a Leader.
This. I doubt he'd even be second choice. Brought in primarily for psychological impact most likely, were it to happen.

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The Fighting Cock
This signing is nonsense. It makes no sense.

Those trying to rationalize it by saying "Poch knows him" are clutching at straws. They never even played for Argentina at the same time.

No pace, no power and has been on a major decline, along with the rest of Inter since Mourinho left. I would be hugely disappointed to see him arrive.


Enjoy the Moment
On a free. 60-70 grand a week for a couple of seasons. Yes or No? Yes! Pochettino knows him well. I trust Poch. If Cambiasso comes, he is coming for a reason. I suspect that is to add some leadership to what is a fairly young squad and to be Poch's allie and motivator in the dressing room. Plus architect on the pitch when things need changing.
Lets just hope we don't devalue the Tottenham captaincy by making him the skipper!

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