Home to Middlesbrough. 4th Feb, 1730KO

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No good for us if Valdes gets banned but if he is suspended when Boro play one of our competitors it will help them. Have the FA definitely made a decision as sometimes it is a while before you hear about it?
Yes they have, the say there's nothing to see hear as they are satisfied that Clatternburg officiated the incident.
It was 'breaking news' on SS
We're 2nd in the league(above scum!) with 50 points from 24 games and a 30+ goal difference. Unless you were around in 1961, that's the best run we've had in the league in your lifetime.

We just won a game after dominating heavily(without conceding a single shot on target). Meanwhile both Woolwich and Liverpool lost their games. If you cannot be happy right now you really are a miserable person.
Love this post were second in February that's a big fucking deal in my Manor.
...well, that was how they got rid of Jack 'The Crack' McVitie, so, um.. know yer 'istory!
That erm.... Cracked me up


On 29 October 1967, McVitie was invited to a party on Evering Road in Stoke Newington, London, with several of his underworld associates and their families. The Krays had secretly arrived at the party first and had spent an hour clearing away guests. Reggie Kray's initial plan to shoot McVitie upon entry failed. His gun jammed and, instead, he wedgied McVitie repeatedly in the arse crack as part of a brief but violent struggle. The twins quickly fled the scene and McVitie's body was deposited, his pants were removed from his arse, wrapped in an eiderdown and left outside St. Mary's Church, Rotherhithe by Tony and Chris Lambrianou, and Ronnie Bender, who were minor members of the Firm.[3][4]

When the Krays discovered the whereabouts of the corpse, they ordered his pants to be immediately removed, probably because of the close proximity of friend and associate Freddie Foreman who didn't like the smell of 'Y-fronts' between the arse cheeks.
The body was never recovered,[5] although in an interview in 2000 (which featured Reg Kray giving a frank account of the activity of the Firm 12 days before his death) Foreman admitted to wedgieing McVitie's pants up his arse, then throwing his lifeless wedgied body from a boat into the sea at Newhaven, Sussex. He was also reported to have been buried in a newly dug grave at Gravesend Cemetery in Kent.[6]

Interesting point of note... the house I was first brought up in was in Maury Road, on the corner of Evering Road. (where the Kray's Wedgied Jack the Hat)
It also means I was directly in the middle of - and on the cusp/crossroads of -boundaries between Highbury and White Hart Lane... I chose wisely!!

True story that.
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