In search of Mourinho's successor.

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And I mean it.

This is an appointment Levy had hoped he would not have had to consider.

There will be and is much talk already about Pochettino having been let down, shafted or whatever. I think some of that is right, especially in that nonsense of no transfers the season before last.

In saying that Pochettino was then backed to a large degree this summer and we have been shambolic.

Hence the early call to Mourinho, first to steady and give us some discipline and pride (here comes the rollercoaster) and then to see what he can do as he approaches his 60th year.

Beyond that and remember the man Mourinho is he will move on. This is 2/3 years maximum.

So Levy's biggest job is actually identifying who comes next and what he has bought himself is time in which to do that.

From Pochettino it had to be a proven winner. The next appointment will cast a wider net.
Last edited: hasn’t even been 24 since Poch was sacked and you already made a thread talking about the replacement for Poch’s replacement. Chill.
I’m not 100% convinced by Mourinho, but I’m willing to give him the chance to be successful at Spurs.
I hope I am proved wrong about having doubts and would quite happily admit it if he wins trophies.


Tottenham till I die
I don't think Mourinho will be Spurs more than 3/4 years.

Even if it's 2/3 years, there's plenty of time to continue evaluating potential managers. Too soon.

Guido 🇺🇦

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I'm more excited about the potential of bringing in Luis Campos, Mourinho and he are very close.

First time I've agreed with Notabadsquad for the first time!!! I'll be surprised if he makes it to the end of his contract, in fact, what will happen is he will manage to negotiate an extension, he will then create an almighty smell and get fired and pick up +£20m in the process.

This should give us time to single out a couple of targets, identify a style of play that both are capable of and identify a raft of players that fit into that style.

I simply do not get why we have hired Mourinho when our initial targets were Nagglesmann and/or Rodgers unless this is a ludicrously expensive stopgap.
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It's cost us £80-£100m to hire him (and sack Poch)!!! If we have this to drop on a manger then pay the compensation on your first choice.
You've just made those numbers up. Be honest, you're winding yourself up and making things up to make your point.

All the money in the world doesn't make a manager walk away from a job he's happy in. That is Rogers and Julian N right now. They are out of bounds. Get over it.
As many said when I talked of us having real issues

Watch Mourinho buy a 2md striker and a full back or 2 and a central defender and midfielder.

Knee jerk. Berk.
I don't really understand whether you're agreeing with me or disagreeing with me. I've no idea what "knee jerk. Berk" is

I dunno where your epiphony first came in, I think I started sensing problems in the Burnley/Southampton/Bournemouth games last season that all was not well.
Totally and utterly confounded by the time we let 10 goals in against Bayern and Brighton
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