Is Top 4 Gone Now And What Would Be The Ramifications?

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Is Top 4 Gone?

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23 games left and 9 points off

Played City away
Played goons away
Played liverpool away
Played united away

Have the <removed>s to play twice

calm down everyone and let’s see where we are in 6 weeks
I want tottenham to secure champions league i really do but honestly if we don't we just pick ourselves up and go again. We'll still be there.,The stadium will still there, a team will still be there. I honestly think its healthy that six or seven teams can achieve CL instead of the moribund top 4 we use to have.


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I'm not shocked.

I remember arleast 3 penalties we should have got and a few tackles on our players that haven't been given as red cards.


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We should still go for 3rd, or at minimum 4th. This decision should have nothing to do with our focus towards the PL, and I have full belief that José will tell this to the players as well.


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Last season we had a goal allowed average of .74, and this year we're at 1.38.

Can't defend worth shit, can't create chances, we are one of the worst team I've seen this year in the final third, and I don't see any leaders stepping up. We can't outscore our opponents to compensate enough for awful defending lapses.

I really hate being so negative and usually don't get like this, but something broke inside today with that performance. Top 4 is a joke and honestly doubt top 6.
For this to happen ,we need:

Gameweek 36
Man Utd to lose away at Crystal Palace
Leicester to lose to Sheffield United

Gameweek 37
Spurs to beat Leicester
Man Utd to lose at home to West Ham

Gameweek 38
Wolves to drop pointsaway to Chelsea*
Spurs to beat Palace
Leicester and Man Utd to draw
Sheffield United to drop points away at Southampton**

*Could do with Wolves dropping points at home to Palace in GW37
**Could do with Sheff Utd dropping points at home to Everton in GW37

So, not impossible but a major miracle required indeed.
This scenario happening would just about be the most undeserved CL qualification in the history of the game.
Yes. It’s gone. Our football isn’t good enough at the moment.

No real ramifications. The idea that you need CL to recruit is a canard - you just need to meet wage demands.

Also, if we get European football, let’s win the UEFA cup next season.
Our focus still needs to be the top 4. We can't relax ourselves knowing 5th might be enough. I'm sure Mourinho will get this message through to the players.
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