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A lefty.

Is he also left footed or part of that weird breed that are right- footed but left-handed?

I mean it's bizarre but even weirder that Rata Nadal is actually right-handed and yet plays tennis left-handed. Figure that out.

He's a Left-footed centre-forward, no question, but he's not like Lamela who can't use his other foot


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Would be beautiful to watch someone with a left like Vieri/Batistuta, but a functional (mid-table) right foot.

Think the relative rareness of belting left footers makes them more alluring.


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Not as if it was the only photo though...


Well that makes a difference I guess. :)

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Yeah, after taxi-ing his son around (most likely all over the place) the past decade, and is likely a Spurs fan (think it was said his dad/family are Spurs), what a leach celebrating his son's first professional contract (given his talent, if his dad wasn't a fan enough to want to be in the picture, he would probably be at Chelsea or Woolwich)...

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I think it's more the pose and what he's wearing that makes it cringey, IMO. Of course I'd be proud if it was my son, but show some decorum.

I’m guessing that’s his Dad rather than his agent.

Made me wonder if that’s the pose he pulls for all his photographs.

Weddings, funerals, meals out, birth of his children etc etc.
The albums would be brilliant.
You never know, it might be his Pimp?!
It's his dad.
Not really the point.....

That's a once in a lifetime photo and the poor kid's got his dad photo-bombing it, looking like a bit of a div.
Not as if it was the only photo though...

I bet his Dad took that photo though!
Fingers crossed for the lad. Could be the real deal.

Even gets his own thread so hope our fans give him time.

All of these kids are looking to make it through the next few years relatively injury free as they step up levels and get introduced to adult football.

An old spurs face Terry Dixon was playing at our local step 5 level this season. Similar hype about him at the same age. Injury ruined him.

And a lad who was playing for us at Step 5 went over to the US a few seasons back - followed him for a while on social media . Came across Cameron Lancaster - he had played at St Albans for a while after pretty serious injuries at Spurs, ended up in level below the MLS (if that name rings any bells he was tipped for success too)
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