Jan Vertonghen

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Probably had to make the move to an elite team like Barcelona around 2015, that's how good he was.

I thought we would lose him. Barca didn’t even have that many defenders who could defend it was all about being good on the ball and Verts was amazing. There was apparently interest from Barca in 2014 and Verts even commented on it but signed a new deal anyway. Always nice to have a top player give their best years to us, shame we couldn't reward him with a trophy but he will always be loved by the fans.
What a player. What a man. Absolutely gutted to see him leave and even more gutted that he doesn’t have a single medal to show for his time here. The most underrated defender in the league during the last 8 years.
Farewell SuprJan, you will be missed.
Bye Jan, thanks for the memories. Will never forget your barnstorming performances at left back in the 3-1 win at Old Trafford and Wembley against Dortmund. Gutted you never won anything with us. Still the best left back at the club.
I've attended three Tottenham games in person. Jan was the only player who played in all three. What a fooking legend, we'll be lucky if we get another CB that classy in the next decade.
I can never forget the day I fell in love with this guy.

"I know where I want to go and I think it is clear to everybody ... [reporter asks if it's Tottenham] Yes."

Looks shy but confident.
I hope he doesn't regret choosing us.
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