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Formerly Reptile_16
"Ladies and gentlemen!"

*Off-camera Shouting*

(Covers mike and whispers: What do you mean it's November, it can't be...Manchester United don't usually start steamroller-ing the EPL before December.)

*Muffled Reply*

(Whispers: But I've got stuff to tell people...)

*More muffled chat*

(Whispers, a bit louder: Of course it's probably bollocks....)

"As I was saying....

Ladies and Gentlemen - welcome to the January 2013 Transfer Window ITK Thread!"
[itk="28th November 2012, in, NewMate, Various, itk, 7, rumour"]
  • They'll be NO last minute madness this January. All tied up early doors I think
  • Erikson is a REAL option if Moutinho deal breaks down again
  • Ince - Sherwood/Rosenthal rates him highly
  • Mountinho is 50/50. Levy pissed of Porto by sodding about over €2M up front
[itk="3rd December 2012, in, NewMate, Various, itk, 7, rumour"]
  • Info: Moutinho isn't happening. We are going in with an offer but think he wants 'Bigger' club.
  • So Erikson is next on list.
  • As for goals from the side... Willian looks good to go

    Tom Ince, don't think we'll land him. Utd, city, and Chelsea all in front of us[/itk]
[itk="3rd December 2012, in, NewMate, Various, itk, 7, rumour"]

Info: Livermore on loan to France or USA, so has to be someone coming in
Date: 5th December 2012
ITK: JJetSet
Player: Moutinho

Probability: 8/10

I wonder who AVB was watching in his 'last night in Paris......' #JM
[itk="7th December 2012, in, NewMate, Zaha, itk, 7, rumour"]

  • Zaha - Watching heavily. Between us and goons
  • With everything there at the moment going on, we're quite strong. Also AvB is very very well respected inside the club and has a few players outside the club wanting to be part of this because of the positive stuff coming from our players.
  • Links to anyone are hard to come by now compared to Harry's days. Much more tight lipped inside the club, they're wont be a huge amount of itk coming out and if there is, it'll be guesswork or just BS - we're very different now it seems.


Formerly Reptile_16
Bit old but...catching up....

[itk="12th December 2012, in, The Journalist, Moutinho, itk, 7, rumour"]
As it stands it is transfers by committee. In one corner you have Daniel Levy, another corner AVB, another corner Tim Sherwood and the voice being ignored, Steffen Freund. Besides that what is Les Ferdinand’s role at the club as AVB doesn’t know?

There is no big secret and the media don’t always get it wrong. Daniel Levy wants Christian Eriksen and has Tim Sherwood in his ear about this one but AVB is not convinced that the player is as good as others make out. While Daniel Levy, known for at least trying to pull a big signing out the bag, is hoping for a cut price deal on LLorente. Even Tim Sherwood is not convinced of this one. But it’s the type of deal Levy likes.

AVB wants Moutinho. That’s it. If Spurs sign him, and only him, AVB will be happy. Believe it or not AVB isn’t as complicated as others make out and unless he is the best poker player ever to grace the earth, he’s pretty straight talking. There are also strong hints being made that he would also like to go back to Porto in the summer for Bales replacement. But that’s too far down the line to even discuss. He has got a job on trying to convince Daniel Levy to sign Moutinho this window to even start thinking about the summer.

So to conclude, it won’t be a big shopping spree this summer. As it stands, it will either be Moutinho or Eriksen and Llorente. Unless Tim gets his way of course and the player from PSV he suggested, whose name won’t be divulged, gets the nod. The most interesting thing that will come from this window, as far as Tottenham is concerned, is that by the end of it, you’ll at least know for sure who’s in charge of signing the players.

Not spurs related but I’m told James Milner is available and they are willing to take a cut on what they paid.[/itk]


Formerly Reptile_16
More catching-up....

[itk="12th December 2012, in, Gards, Moutinho, itk, 6, rumour"]
Told its still on and close! Done I'm not so sure but others may know more! Told things to happen early!![/itk]


Formerly Reptile_16
Yet more catching-up....

[itk="20th December 2012, out, JJetSet, Three, itk, 5, rumour"]
Daniel is already actively trying to find new jobs for 3 players who AVB can use the funds for improvements!!!![/itk]


Formerly Reptile_16
The plot thickens....

[itk="22nd December 2012, out, JJetSet, Three, itk, 5, rumour"]
so i mentioned 3 players looking to be offered out this window by DL..... 1. JL 2.EA 3.....SP[/itk]

Translated - Livermore, Adebayor and Parker....


Formerly Reptile_16
The plot thickens....

[itk="24th December 2012, in, ackie, RM Mystery Player/Friedel, itk, 6, rumour"]

Hi all.
Yesterday I said that BFriedel will remain as GK and possibly coach...waiting for confirmation.
Also, heard it could be Eriksen or a player from Holland coming in.
Harry looking at Parker, Daws and Livermore and also want Defoe (nothing new there, I posted this a few weeks ago...).
One more thing and I know you'll all probable slate me for this but just passing on, we'll keep our option open for a RMadrid player to loan in if we fail to sign someone...[/itk]


Formerly Reptile_16
Ermagherd....Wesler Snerder...!

[itk="25th December 2012, in, HertYid, Sneijder, itk, 6, rumour"]
Hi WS wages are an issue. But the tax thing isn't so problematic as there is an image rights royalty payment that goes through holland and removes income tax. Apparently. I don't know anything about tax so can't confirm this. Main problem is remaining total compensation, which would require an upfront golden handshake. We can or will only pay this if we get him for a low transfer fee. We are hoping Inter will agree but I'm sure it will play out for a while yet. Reminds me of adebayor.

Apparently there isn't a huge amount of interest in him from other clubs. I guess Madrid and barca have too many AM already, Chelsea and Woolwich same position, man city similar. Not sure why whiskey face not involved, seems perfect for them. Bayern have great options in attack and Dortmund can't afford him. This is all my speculating but I know he is interested in London, as is his wife.

I would expect this to go until jan 31st and for us to be usurped by the Glazers but for now at least is is real.[/itk]


Formerly Reptile_16
[itk="27th December 2012, in, StephenTHFC, Sneijder, itk, 7, rumour"]
Before someone posts my tweet, regarding Neils tweet, Porto have contacted us asking us if we're still interested, Wesley is all but a smokescreen it would seem. If you followed me in the summer it comes from same guy who told me Freund was our new assistant and Rafa wanted to move, not had any mishits so far, so fingers crossed. Not a proper ITK only get drips and drabs to be a full fledged ITK.

3 other clubs contacted them with bids all accepted, all turned down by JM. Quite simple, they only have one option and he's not as interested as he was anymore and his heads been turned due to the good start AVB and his team have had here.

PSG, Chelsea and Zenit St Petersburg.

Chelsea want him as Lampards replacement but JM has said the structure of the club isn't for him.

It's always down to money, he would go to Chelsea if they offered him the money, it's mainly because he has the fear that with managers coming and going it's detrimental to his long term future.


No, the Wesley rumour mill to us has been dotting about through various agents, news outlets, but it's just picked up lately, every day is working days for football clubs. It's just now Porto don't know whether it's smokescreen or genuine interest, and with them having Hector Herrera lined up for 9 million they realise that as JM is insistent to work with AVB again, they don't have many options.

United want a summer deal (Herrera) whereas Porto could use the funds from JM's sale to force a move through in January with a bit more dosh. If they sell JM in Jan and don't sign anyone they'll be exactly like us, fine to a certain extent but have a player lacking that is clearly apparent.[/itk]

Bit of an epic....
[itk="29th December 2012, in, The Cobra, Llorente Negredo BAE, itk, 6, rumour"][/itk]
  • I know for a fact that Llorente has turned us down twice
  • Wesley S was never a target. We made no contact.
  • Heard we are looking at Alvaro Negredo.
  • And that AVB doesn't get on with Benny

.... This is the first time I have had info from this person... and the it is 3rd hand, but the original source is good


Formerly Reptile_16
Verified by RyanTegan on SC...

[itk="29th December 2012, out, BlazeNUFC44 (on Barcodes Forum), Redknapp, itk, 6, rumour"]Hey Davell, apparently Redknapp introduced a mentor scheme for the older players in the Spurs academy (u18s and u18s). The U18's for example got a 'bigger' player in status, such as Van Der Vaart, and the u16s got more of the fringe players. Apparently, Ledley King was one of the main leaders of the scheme.

Whether the rumors they got hold of are 100% accurate or not I don't know. Apparently Spurs are in the market for an attacking and creative player as they lost both VDV and Modric and ABV wanted to sign a creative midfielder if one came available on the cheap. Spurs are also worried that Ekotto, and more importantly Bale, could be leaving if Spurs stagnate.

Levy told ABV that if they were in serious contention of a top 4 spot come January he'd make funds available (and re-coup them through CL revenues), but he wanted to make sure the risk was worth the rewards (of CL revenue and keeping Bale). Expect Tottenham to spend £20-25m if rumors are anything to go by.

Also, as to your question about Redknapp. Levy and he had two big bust ups in quick succession.

One was over the transfer policy, for example, two free-agent CB's and he was quoted as saying: "When you end up with two free transfers playing centre half, as we did at times, that is going to have an impact". Rumors also circulated about Modric and Bale to Real, and 'Arry didn't trust Levy to keep a hold of these players and take Spurs forward. He also knew that VDV was going in the Summer, and didn't agree with him being sold cheap, but the fact was VDV wanted to go after the dressing room fell apart.[/itk]


Formerly Reptile_16
Going back in time to the 7th for a bunch of updates. Not bothering with any of the Holtby stuff or Ade to ACN....

[itk="7th January 2013, in, Ali Z, Leandro and Zaha, itk, 5, rumour"]
re Leandro
My info as of today is that we want this to happen but not looking likely, no deal agreed, I will add that geeing info oiut of the club is much harder these days so not sure what to believe. As of beginning of the month was told not to expect any major signings, my source still thinks AVB will not get any 1 on his list.

re Zaha
Zaha has definately been on radar along with Hughes and another youngster whose name slips my mind, expect 1/3 with loan back this month, as for other incomings notsure we are close to anything else, you all by now know AVB's targets, personally can't see any of them happening.


Formerly Reptile_16
The Journo with some Bertie Ollocks now....

[itk="8th January 2013, in, The Journalist, Various, itk, 3, rumour"]
I heard Livermore has turned QPR down but i can see it being revisited and he has other options.
Gallas has been offered a 6 month contract by QPR.
re; Tottenham
AVB has clearly won the battle.
He was never interested in Eriksen so its off.
Willian is a non starter but there is other reasons for that.
Moutinho is the one they are working on but its cat and mouse and will go down to the wire. But he is the number 1 choice.
IF a serious of events occur tottenham could also be forced into signing a defender who is definitely on their radar.[/itk]

Ryantegan replied:
Livermore hasnt turned them down yet, he is just looking at his options.

Expect it to happen, possibly permanent too
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