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QPR pulled out of deal for Andros Townsend. All QPR deals for Spurs players look off at moment... according to Sky Sports
[itk='DEADLINE DAY, in, The Goat, Leandro Damiao, itk, 6, rumour']This is from a new source but we're led to believe that Leandro is very very close.[/itk]
[itk='DEADLINE DAY, in, Jasper, Damiao, itk, 7, rumour']

Wake up I would say-Leandro price wise is out of our reach for years. Our maxim will not exceed 20m not in one go, and right age. Moutinho, William and Leandro's of this world is out of our reach. Lower out targets and be realistic guys please.​

We were/are trying:tried for DM and striker, ideally loans with views go perms, and in Diame's case we were speaking yesterday but don't know if at club level, but certainly mandated agents level. Do not know if happening. Striker wise we had a few options with some bring loans. DL still at Bulls Cross...[/itk]​
[itk='DEADLINE DAY, in, JJetSet, Leandro Damiao, itk, 7, rumour']Things are moving......... Hope this isn't a DL goose chase[/itk]
[itk='DEADLINE DAY, in, PoTL, Damiao, itk, 6, rumour']We're pushing on Yellow.
One other option also being looked into now.
Unless terms change on terms, we'll end up with nothing.

We will see in an hour where we get to.

JJ done, Andros on loan waiting for paperwork.[/itk]
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