Juan Foyth

He was.

I’m finding it hard to have an opinion on what we should do with him, enough talent there for us to persevere but not quite good enough to start him.

I don't want to put too much into yesterdays game, especially because it was perfect for Foyth with no pressure on him defensively, but watching that pass sure made me want to send him out on loan more than just straight selling him.

He is a tough one because he does seem so good with his passing and it would be nice to have a player like that, however he is also so rash in his tackling and careless at times.

Since it seems like if we sell him we aren't getting much I hope that we get him a loan where he can hopefully work the kinks out of his defensive game and come back able to play in a more controlled manner.
Definitely on my “keep” list. He still looks a bit scrawny for a CB and has made some costly mistakes. But he’s a kid still and his technique suggests he could be fantastic. I think he can learn much from Ledley so he’s certainly not one I’d want to throw out with the bath water.
There’s plenty that I’d show the door before this lad.
Foyth has lots of talent, but his problem is experience, I would certainly try to loan him. He needs to develop his concentration and become more reliable with the ball. By the moment he seems a very confident young player with a lot of talent, but needs to develop his game to be more reliable.
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