Kim Min-Jae

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His dad was the national representative judo athlete
His mum was the national representative track and field athlete.

This alone explains a lot why he will succeed.
with 6'3" height and the judo physique, with the pace of a track athlete.
In time he will be better than Maguire
I wouldn't read too much in to that, there have been lots of players with great physical attributes that have turned out to be shite and some who didn't have the greatest physical attributes that turned out to be great.
Never heard of him until now.
Physically he looks good.

But how good is he really?
I know he is cheap but we really need a quality player in the back.
Hope its a gamble that pays off.


A&C's a cunt, Hercules wanks off cats...
Tbh, i really don't know. I just know the user who started this rumor is not a type of person who writes BS.

But, sounds like nobody's taking this serious. Just forget what i said. It just rumor anyway.
Sounds like the Korean Hercules, have you tried taking this news to the virgins over on SC, they'll even give you a funky blue background to your posts if you pass their stringent vetting process.
Appreciate it, Hanjun TV reliable?
just did wiki on Hanjun Tv.

Hanjun is actaully well known football reporter and former comentator for MBC Sports (major sports channel in korea). I don't know him that well tbh, but here's translated version of him in korean wiki.

[Since 2004, he has been a soccer reporter for sports magazines such as Sport Korea and Popotu, and made his debut as an official soccer commentator at MBC SPORTS+ in late 2010 . Time served, Spain as a journalist in Korea seupotal the Primera Liga , Champions League etc. This is such a direct experience covering the instrument Naver was serialized Spanish soccer related column called 'Tiki Taka's hanjun' on.

Beginning in 2012 as a translator of <The Secret of the Spanish National Team> of Brainstore Publishing, he began his career as an author of soccer-related books based on his own experience.

At the 2014 SkySports , he also played a panel at the Bundesliga Show, conducted by Yunkyung Cho , along with commentary from the German Bundesliga .

Since 2017, he has been in charge of soccer articles for SPOTV News without commentary activities.

From February 2020, he opened his YouTube channel'Hanjun TV Footics' to produce and upload soccer-]related news as video content.
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