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No such thing as TMI
Yeah, he rarely gets called on it, very subtle, although not an ideal way of defending. Seems to be a worrying injury though, no return date.

I couldn't feel my feet, a bitter bitter night! Might need to re-introduce Martell to my pre and post match ritual.
Wimp. I was fine in my flip flops.
Belgian Spur Belgian Spur and Thelonious Thelonious

Lennon tracks back OK, but I think he needs to get involved in the midfield a bit more, I notice a lot he runs away from the ball meaning whoever is in possession suddenly has nobody to pass to or a very difficult ball on.

Bale can sometimes be very lazy in tracking back, but more annoyingly doesn't put much effort into blocking a cross - something BAE was awful for at the beginning of his Spurs career but has cut out massively. Bale let Johnson just run past him into the pen area at one stage last night, luckily, nothing came of it.

I just think if Bale and Lennon could mix it up a bit more when we are on the back foot in the middle of the park we would be so much harder to break down - I appreciate I am basically asking for a perfect performance every game here, but hey, you gotta shoot for the stars innit
Two things that were screaming at me last night watching the game.

What a difference Vertonghen would make as a CB, and what a difference a composed midfielder like Moutinho would make.

Those two components would bring together all the good things this team hints at IMHO.

The whole set up is about being brave enough, and composed enough, to ask teams to come at you - and then exploit them when they do.

We have to have a CB able to take the ball and build attacks. Be that through drawing a player into closing him down and then passing round him, or by carrying the ball into the midfield and forcing teams to react - then releasing the ball. Vertonghen is class in both respects. Dawson and Gallas are woeful.

When we were fighting the rear guard action last night, what difference would that composure in defence made? Cant be over stated IMHO. When we were on top? Same again.

Moutinho (or alike). KEEPING THE BALL. Moving it around. Making teams chase it. Offering incision without running. These are things we just couldnt do last night, we were sloppy and got increasingly desperate. What difference would a player able to offer us ball retention, to make Liverpool chase, to release Bale/Lennon/Defoe more often, or link with defence and get us a foothold in the game.

Im not complaining, genuinely last night the biggest thing that struck me was just how close we are to having a top top triffic team
Apart from freezing my nuts off at the game last night, I'm over the moon with this win. First half was some of the best football we've played this season. Really pacey and very confident. Dembele's touch on the ball was magical.

Second half though, sadly same old. Sat back, sloppy defending and no real desire to get a third and put the game to bed. I went to the match with a nice new pair of gloves, left with a nice new set of fingerless ones because I was biting them that much, - mainly due to :gallas:

However, a win is a win and we really are improving. Love it!
Can't wait for parker to be back. I think we really are missing a leader on the pitch.
I love the idea of the protection he offers the defence, particularly with Gallas/Dawson playing we need it!

I hate the idea of him doing the two most annoying things ever which ruin the flow to our game
1) Passing the ball to a player. Running directly at them. Demand the ball back. Pass it to someone else, repeat....
2) Getting the ball, spinning around about three times, perform step 1, recieve the ball again, spin around several times...

Neither of which ever get us anywhere and each offers the opposition ample time to set their defensive shape.
Fuck Liverpool.

Love beating that mob.

Agree with the Walker comments. Anyone sat in Block 35 last night? I was in Row 24 and some absolute wanker behind me spent half the game slating Kyle & Vetonghen. Where the fuck do these people come from?

'Luis Suarez, He looks like a Rat.' :dawsonlol:
I was in row 17. I tried to get that song changed from "looks like a rat" to "acts like a twat" but nobody joined in.

The very same... erstwhile unsung hero of the 1979/80 squad... now living somewhere in America I believe.
No doubt as a Style Guru or Cult leader, no doubt!
Unsung hero? Maybe I was too young to appreciate that. I just remember him not being very good. And that's being generous :kaboul:
someone interviewed me about the game with a big fuck off camera pre-game in front of Bill Nic Way near the B+H, any idea where I should be looking for this online at all?

I made a funny about Suarez being a racist and people booing AVB being retard and I wanna see it
someone interviewed me about the game with a big fuck off camera pre-game in front of Bill Nic Way near the B+H, any idea where I should be looking for this online at all?

I made a funny about Suarez being a racist and people booing AVB being retard and I wanna see it
Were you lingering around on your own in the B&H for a while before you met up with whoever? I'm sure I saw you walking around on your own, I should have said hi.
Sorry. I was stood in the area near the covered up pool table. I couldn't be sure if it was you and then I saw you with flav in the car park afterwards.
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