Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur, 17th April [0-1 AGG]


I’m sure you weren’t the only one Mate.. I’d imagine there are some hilarious stories of what fans did when sterling scored in injury time..

I booted my kids teddy bear across the room and sulked like a baby my OH looked bemused when she returned from the kitchen a few monenta later and I was jumping up and down screaming its been dissalowed its been dissalowed repeatedly
Gutted for the lad. No, really...

Just had a quick scan on Bluemoon.. Wow, what a bunch of self entitled cocks some of them are. I guess thats what instant success and buckets of money can do to you.

They are really critical of VAR, but hang on, were they bothered in the first leg when it was used to give them a Penalty, not VARs fault that Aguero fooked it up. Also, that Var wasn't used in the first leg to review the elbow and almost assault on Harry, which would have produced a Red card.

All self congratulatory on producing an atmosphere. All I heard was a pathetic attempt to simulate sad Euro Clubs who just boo and whistle the opposition when on the ball. Muppets.
Their fans were shite
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