Mousa Dembélé

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I think he probably warrants his own thread, just so the transfer window discussion thread doesn't become a wankbank for the likes of belgianspur and myself

heres the article that got me excited ... es-awesome

''Dembélé attempted to "take-on" (i.e., dribble past) Manchester United players 11 times, succeeding 9 times. To understand just how ridiculous that is, consider that the entire Tottenham team attempted only 7 take-ons in the match against West Brom, succeeding 4 times.''
Re: Dembele

Looks like a great player. But doesnt look like a Modric type player, more of a Scotty and Sandro type replacement.

Im probably wrong :avbshit:


Shelf Side Tottenham
Re: Dembele

He would replace Van Der Vaart in my opinion. He played a CAM/CF role at Fulham, but works well along side Fellani (a Sandro/Parker type player) at CM for Belgium.
He would be a great signing for Spurs in my opinion, he has the physical and technique sides of the game.
Re: Dembele

Tends to pick up the ball in much more advanced positions than Scotty or Sandro whenever I've seen him.

He has the build to physically impose himself on games something we have missed for a while in that area of midfield.
Re: Dembele


Still terrified Manchester are gonna steal the wonderful Belgian
Re: Dembele

From that video against united, he looked like he was regularly picking the ball up deep to then drive forward with it. I think he could work really well along side sandro; strong, powerful and could be our new deep lying creative midfielder.
Re: Dembele

His style of play reminds me of Yaya Toure - big physical center mid who drives the ball up the pitch into forward areas, linking back to front with his pace, power and dribbling more than a huge range of passing (though both are strong passers as well). Also a tremendous tackler and great at winning the ball back high up the pitch.


Man up and LOL
Re: Dembele

spooky said:
He's just signed for Man Utd.
That's what happens when you start a 'kiss of death' thread based upon 'agreed to talk'.

Has the Ade fiasco really taught us nothing? :ade: :adegrin2: :adegrin: :adelol: :adestare:
Re: Dembele

Dembele reminds me of Modric - the way he dribbles past people - he shifts his body sideways.
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