Mousa Dembélé

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Guido 🇺🇦

"Legacy Fan"



Guido 🇺🇦

"Legacy Fan"
“Of course, people will speculate when you are not playing. But I’ve always felt this is my club and I just want to prove myself to the team, supporters and everyone that I can play here. I never wanted to run away. I am not the sort of player who runs away. I always show myself and I always felt I could do something here.”

Spurs news: Mousa Dembele says he and his young team-mates have grown into men now
"But I’ve always felt this is my club". I don't mind admitting I lap this kind of shit up.

Furball man

Common fellas, if winks was a 26 year old french man nobody would have mentioned his name on BT.
They were like, fuck, an English CM. And he did well. He must be the new Paul Gascoigne. FFS Winks is a good player but lets all calm the fuck down!

Who's multi is this ? If he was 26?!?!

Maybe if he was 75ft tall he'd have a career as a crane & not a footballer. Maybe if he was made of self reproducing jelly he'd run a kids party empire.
I know we love the Moose but 6 is fair.

It's Costa, I know. But, it was an attempted eye gouge. We should be able to cope for 4 games without him.

*4 games next season

I'm sorry mate but I'm not having that. Fucking ridiculous decision considering how often these types of things go unpunished. There are so many examples of previous offenses on par or far worse than Mousa's that have gone without any violent conduct bans that it is absurd to make an example out of Dembele who is a first time offender.

This is the most serious case of wrong place wrong time I have ever seen. FA just making a statement on the game as a whole rather than the incident by singling out Dembele. Fucking dreadful decision and I hope Spurs protest.
IMO he has always been the same Dembele. If you think about it, his teammates were Lennon, out of form Lamela, Townsend, Ade, Soldado, Holtby, Defoe, Siggy, Paulinho, AVB, Daws etc. We were still almost getting 4th with Dembele in the team.

He's been dragging us through a poor transfer period and STILL keeping us in the hunt. I don't think Dembele has magically transformed. For a change Alli, Dier, Kane, Mason etc are handling their own business and gives Dembele less babysitting. He's been free'd up and he's not reacting to Chiriches doing backheels in our own box or Rose going through form nightmares.

He had a long term hip injury. That was the problem, and he looks like he's over it. He's a different player now. Stop blaming other players for his problems.

LLB Part Deux

"The man who fucked up TFC" - Mick Cooper
Just on Talk sport...

Joey Barton: "Look at Dembele - no France caps. Alan, is there any reason he can't get in their World Cup squad?"

Alan Brazil: "I don't see why not"

30s later...

Barton: "Oh that's right, he's Belgian"

I thought he made a huge deal difference when he came on. It really calmed us down. Dembele to start every game with Winks coming on once fit, play Winksy in cup games or in lesser games like Brighton or Huddersfield at home and towards the end of the season set Harry the target of being good enough to start taking Mousa's place in the squad. After his showing today it's worth far more to Tottenham keeping him than it is cashing in £10m for him.

He makes the difference others in our squad can't. Such an elegant player I sincerely hope we don't cash in with few weeks left of the window yet to go
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