PFA Player of the Year

Couldn't be PROUDER if he were my own flesh and blood!!!!! :bale2:

Does he get his own Private open top Bus parade down Tottenham High Road on the last day of the season...

I think we should make it an 1882 event!!!!!! :freund:


wharrgarbl 💫
Doesn't score enough headers for me - flog him asap.
Lol, absolutely!

It does make me laugh when you hear people complaining if Bale has a game where he "floats in and out" and only scores one or two goals "BUT DOES NOTHING ELSE" for the rest of the game...

...If Defoe or Ade could score 20 Premiership goals in a season, people would be happy for them to spend the rest of the game on the sidelines necking a crispy Holsten.

He's a midfielder, is about to hit 20 EPL goals and helps out across the rest of the park more than Ade and Defoe combined!

Take a bow son.
These kind of quotes just proves to me that he's at home though and he is prepared to stay for the foreseeable future. Of course I would love to finish in the top 4 but failure to do so does not fill me with as much worry as previously.
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