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Danboy Totter

Property Portfolio FC
Seen a few posters mention it

Ask and ye shall receive (Unless you're Conte ofcourse)

A thread to discuss the Prosperous property arm of the operation , I'd argue the most exciting part of modern football.

I am extremely proud that we have such trailblazers leading the clu... sorry the Property empire .

Looking forward to the day when we replace the match day programmes with a portfolio catalogue. Never mind that 11 epileptic donkeys are trying to kick a football about on our world class pitch , you can have a browse through the property booklet to keep yourself occupied.

I'll get the ball rolling , really excited with this latest transfer , massive potential for these blocks of flats , I am excited about the potential sell on value , with a bit of luck we'll be selling the apartments to Real Madrid for 3 times the price in a few years

Levy is a true visionary

UP THE LEVY & LEWIS CAPITAL PROPERTY PARTNERS LLP FC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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He wants to carve out a little ENIC kingdom in North London and then live on a moonbase with a frickin laser doesn't he?

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What a brilliant initiative.

It's like a safe space for the cult real estate enthusiasts, where they can discuss interest rates, credit ratings and blueprints without being pesked by us chavy football supporters.

Furball man

🏆 🏆 🏆🏆🏆🏆
I’d like to see the cinema up front with the golf course as false 9

Obviously the universe longest bar in goal , training ground in defense & the cosmos biggest climbing frame in midfield to add height

Will we get to see the cheese room get a run out or is it not mature enough yet? At least give it a run out in a cup game …. If we’re in any , of course
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