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I do not remember this flair up at all, come to think of it, I don't remember the game at all!!

Knowing it's Sounes at the heart of it I'd bet that something preseeded Glenn's tackle and Crooks getting involved, either that or they had singled him out pre-game to get him to react and may be sent off???

But it does make me laugh nowadays listening to fans and comms scream at "how stupid 'X' was to get himself booked", pretty sure both Hoddle and Crooks have ranted about it every week, but that's a straight red for Hoddle, a straight red for Souness and a straight red for Crooks nowadays, and not one of them even got booked hahaha....

I like the "Graham Souness is a wanker" lots.
Ah the good old days of turning up and a fiver at the turnstyle

Those GS Wanker chants were deafening on that big old terrace. Also the "Tottenham aggro"

I had completly forgotten about John Chiedozie until this just came up on my TL. I think this was probably the only game I remember him playing in, constantly injured if I recall.
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