Tactics under Mourinho

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I do like what I saw, the fullbacks took turns to get forward, Davies was basically a spare man.

Also going longer which is nice to see, no more passing from the back.

Simple changes but effective

Spotted it quite early on that Davies stayed back with Sanchez and Alderweireld all the time almost in a back 3. We were completely comfortable with that until Davies took a knock, west ham scored not long after that, then he went off and, IMO, that's when our performance dipped and we lost control.
Really liked the idea of playing with just Aurier as a wing back. Add in Vertonghen as the LB/CB and a new DM (or an improved Dier) and it will be solid.


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I'm interested to see who he drops...
Sissoko - Probably in trouble
Winks - 40/60 on reduced role
KWP - Wont play again
Foyth - 50/50
Dele - 50/50
Jan and Toby - probably an increased role at the start
Lamela will be really interesting. Same for Lucas

Based on what we saw with Ben/Serge vs WHam, I think the opposite with Foyth/Sessengon could be very fruitful.
The clearest tactical change was the transition from front to back, much faster than before with Winks tasked with playing direct forward passes to Dele or Kane, they then looked for first time flicks to either of our wide men cutting in. Happened several times most clearly for the opening goal.

At the back we saw one fullback staying deep, and one pushing up, probably based more on West Ham's weakness out wide than anything else. Dier was tasked with a pure DCM role which was excellent for 70 minutes but then exposed as legs tired. When Rose came on we lost shape as the one up-one back tactic seemed to collapse, West Ham suddenly got a lot more off the ball and we dropped way to deep. The quick transitions also stopped and our ball retention dropped alarmingly. Jose will have noticed.

First game but some very obvious changes, playing players in their best positions was an obvious thing to do as was playing to our attacking strength. More tweaks to come I'm sure ... but a very good start.


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Posted this on the "José Mourinho thread", but this seems a more appropriate thread.

Quite possibly the best tactical channel on YouTube released this. Worth a watch even though most of us did notice these tactics beforehand.

The Swellhead Spur

Annibyniaeth Cymru
In the United game we got over run in midfield, so against Burnley Vert would push inward to join Dier in midfield when Sissoko was covering Auriers space.

In possession;

Sanchez - Toby
Dier - Jan
Aurier - Lucas - Dele Son

It will be nice to see how this changes with Jose incharge, are these his regular tactics? Or his assistants
I'm starting to worry about our tactics.

It appears to me that JM wants our front 4 as far up the pitch as possible. This means that when we win the ball in defence our 2 DM are 10 yards away from the defenders with the front 4 a further 40 yards away up the pitch. Which makes it very difficult to play out from the back and makes us vulnerable to the press.

At the same time, when we play the long ball out from the back and lose it, our midfield 2 are outnumbered making it easier for the opposition to attack us when our front 4 stranded at the top end of the pitch.
Against Brighton it was easy for them to pass through our press as our DMs were sitting deep.

The second half our DMs pushed up more joining in the press and consequently there was less space between defence and attack

Five Premier League Teams’ Transfer Needs This Month

#3 is Spurs - surprise! - it's a DM we need.
Has Mourinho ever played 3 at the back consistently has opposed to the hybrid back 4 with one fullback dropping?

I think we have the personnel to do it consistently and it may help mitigate the DM issues if we just have a combination of Ndombele/Lo Celso/Winks/Dele centrally.

Gut is he will revert back to a 4-2-3-1 or a 4-3-3 when we get a true DM in, but the lack of links is disconcerting.
Has anyone watched today's press conference? Jose says how all his tactics and plans fallen due to injuries, starting from Davies. I agree with that, our games with Davies not going forward when we regained possesion and turning into CB were really decent, now we are back from playing what we want to play to playing what is actually possible. Sad that luck seems never to be on our side.
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