The Race for 4th

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I don't suspect you are, but you were happy to yuk up with the aforementioned worm over his pathetically lame Levy crap which was a transparent dig at myself. Posting trail is what it is......

Payback isn't a complicated concept, mate.

I'll say again; there are certain individuals here that repeatedly ridicule people over this kind of stuff. They deserve what's coming to them. Fuck 'em.

I'm sure you've liked many a Shady post. I actually assumed said post was aimed at the guy who went back and quoted people, and assumed he had been a big Jose fan or w/e.

Anyway, I just think it all feeds in to silly toxicity. This thread right now should be full of people celebrating and instead it's this instead. I'll leave it there as to not continue to contribute to that.
I can quite comfortably get carried away in the safe knowledge that model pros like Harry, Son, Hojberg, Hugo to name a few, certainly won't. And of course Conte, will not allow a milimeter of complacency ahead of Sunday.


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How were you right ? 😂😂 we all said on here Newcastle we’re a decent outfit at home of recent and could get a result. You said we were deluded. Be a man and fucking own it, you were wrong.

I wasn’t wrong read my post I said Woolwich could lose any game because they were shit.

The delusion was those thinking it was a forgone conclusion. Woolwich didn’t show up and lost like I said they could. It wasn’t a great performance from Newcastle.
nah, we broke Woolwich on Thursday, no way they will get anything out of Everton on the weekend. We'll beat Norwich but even if we didn't we'd still finish top four ahead of Woolwich. We idn't just beat them on Thursday we got in their heads and tonight only reinforced it. Listen to the interviews with their players, they are broken. No way they even get a draw at Everton. They'll do shit next season too, this will stick with them for years and years.

Am I the only one that imagined a camera panning out to a dark castle on a hill with a strike of lightning and Super Jan Fan laughing maniacally. muahahahaa
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That's genuinely what I thought at the time though? I have been delusional about Spurs at times, I think as football fans we all have been at one point or another have we not?

Like I said, I was belittling and I can give it and take it so it is what it is, I just don't think bringing it back up months after the fact serves much point tbh but that's my opinion, more than happy to take it on the chin.

Yeah but you need to carry the same energy for those you mocked if that is indeed your argument, if people thought that we could still finish top 4 at the time then why are you belittling them? The point is you were being a bit of an arse, maybe if you didn't call them delusional then this wouldn't even have been brought up - also it's just a bit of fun really, nothing to get worked up about I think.

Fair's fair, you gotta take your medicine my man.
I wasn’t wrong read my post I said Woolwich could lose any game because they were shit.

The delusion was those thinking it was a forgone conclusion. Woolwich didn’t show up and lost like I said they could. It wasn’t a great performance from Newcastle.

They were really good. Joelinton & Guimaraes in midfield were excellent, worked incredibly hard, technically moved the ball about very well, Wilson was a handful all game too. Collectively they put in a serious shift.

My concern about this game was entirely around whether Newcastle would turn up considering where their season is at. But turns out it wasn't them who didn't turn up.


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This whole fan divide/internal war shit is very tiresome and has turned what could've just been people celebrating this in to pointscoring as predictably people are now returning fire with embarrassing old posts from the other side.

Vicious. Cycle. People should just be happy it went right for Spurs ffs.

With all due respect..... You make your digs yourself when it suits you (sneering at people for seeing the value in the point at Liverpool...... Delusional happy clappers blah etc.); so you're just being a hypocrite now.

Nut up mate... I expected a little more humour from you than this.

(I agree internal politics is bullshit; but some of us are here throughout and actually form part of the community for better or for worse...... Others just turn up and shit-stir when it suits their agenda and then disappear again..... Individuals that in their more candid moments have even admitted they're here just to troll...... Fuck those rats!)
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What if we lost to Norwich, but they drew with Everton....

Just imagine it. 🤔

The sheer level of meltdown.

I can't help running scenarios through my head that inflict maximum long lasting trauma on them.

That totally destroys and steeps them in unbareable agony.

I need more.

I almost don't want us or Everton to score too early because the longer the games are draws the more hope Woolwich fans will let into the hearts before those hearts are inevitably torn to shreds.
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