"TITLE RACE" ( There is no sense not talking about it)

I posts this:
"Suggest we say no more about it. I don't need an argument with you in order to enjoy what's happened today. Let's see if you do."

I don't need an argument and never did. I'm not Arcspace.

You made an offensive remark that told a fan they give up before the final whistle all because you were butthurt that I said we should not get carried away. Well, like it it not, far more people agreed with my view of cautious optimism than yours, and that vindicates the fact that I was not setting out for a cunt off, but simply saying, let's not get carried away. Nonetheless, you were upset and saw it as a reason to insult another fan and threw you fans up, like Arc does, and cried "look at the troll!".

If you don't want cunt offs, don't tell other fans they throw the towel in and walk away from the team. Otherwise, don't sit there crying that it's all the other person.
Just loving being a spurs fan at the moment, Chelsea still big favourites but no doubt we are still in the chase. Its been a fantastic season and is building to a great climax. In the warm up yesterday there was a business like seriousness to the team that were focused on the job in hand and I think they will take that attitude into all their remaining games..

Win the next game and the cup is still on. Win the next three games and the double is STILL on, win the next three games and I think we will be going gaga
And yet you are the one still replying.....

p.s. I think I've said enough with this. You've taken me to the point of boredom. You're the most boring troll ever which is surprising given all the practice I've seen you get on here over the years. This is my last post even if you post another tragic reply, which no doubt you will.
Conte's shitting it. According to him the title race is 50/50. Erm, no. A couple weeks ago it was 95/5, now its probably about 80/20.
he's desperate to spread out the pressure, as he cant handle it himself. I think he knows his players can't either which is why he was trying to take the blame for his players not turning up today. When Conte was a player he bottled a huge lead I seem to remember so he has form and that must be on his mind.
Even if it came to the last game of the season I will not get dragged into this. our advantage is focus. EVERY fucking time the players talk about the title they lose focus. One game at a time lads.
Anyone looked at Everton's recent home form?

Even better than ours. Obviously a couple of games to play before Chelsea face them, but statistically speaking they are the last team you want to be facing at the moment if you're having a bit of a wobble.....


was it 5? really not sure to be honest. This year feels closer though, for sure.
Think you could be right - I'm thinking of when we were at Stoke and won 4-0... pretty sure it was more than it is now, and I agree, it sure feels closer this time.

Joe Clash Joe Clash - You're right, we were top, but I was thinking more of the run in when shit was getting real. Even though you'd expect Leicester to have slipped up more than you would Chelsea, they feel catchable this time.
One game at a time, and we have to win ours to put us with any chance whatsoever. It is a fool's hope, but hope nonetheless.

It is definitely the hope that kills you.

If I let myself get carried away, it's the away games that kill Chelski...

Fuck I hate this shit. Not used to all this bollocks.
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