Toby Alderweireld

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Jan was the legend and had to play with some total muppets before his mate showed up, he did respect Daws though, shows what kind of man Jan is

sad to see Toby go, we are the most fucked at the back we have been in years, unless Rodon suddenly goes up 2 gears as the rest are terrible

yes seeing Ledley and Woodgate dismantle Drogba to the point he has to be subbed was magical, they were like the ballet
Jan deserves a stand named after him for tolerating that shitshow of a season under that f’ing prick Sherwood
Off topic and maybe it has been addressed but what is it with Spurs fan (my be all football fans but I haven't seen it from other clubs) and their hatred of fans not born and raised right in White Hart Lane?

It is an English thing because when I travelled to the UK for rugby everyone I met thought it was great to see fans from all over the world supporting rugby and their clubs.

It isn't a sports thing because I follow multiple NA sports and have seen international fans get tons of support when they mention they follow team x. Fans support them and love to see the team getting support all over the world.

But for Spurs fans if you are not born and raised, with 6 generations born and raised as well, with in touching distance of White Hart Lane to many that somehow makes you a lesser fan. And I am not talking about just on here or me either, but it is widespread and against many different fans/countries.

Is it a small minority, is it a bigger issue than Spurs/English supporters and a football thing?

It seems like such an odd and pathetic criticism to bring up where someone is from and yet is done so regularly by many "fans" when someone not from London supports that club.
Never been an issue with Scandinavians who embrace English culture….. when you have the Son fan club not watching the game, not going to pubs and there taking Instagram random photos it’s a bit different

Good Luck Toby!

This is the painful rebuild that we need.
Needed two seasons ago :unsure:
It doesn't have to be painful but right now we are talking about getting rid of players that are near the bottom of my "get rid of" pile instead of those at the top.
I think the painful bit was perhaps how bad we were last season because of the lack of rebuild.

Also the fact we had to see the likes of Rose/Alderweireld go out on terms like this.
What a player he was in his pomp. A player genuinely befitting for the tag of a Rolls Royce.

In an ideal world I would have kept him for one more year, especially when we still have the chuckle brothers Dier and Sanchez on the books, but I understand it was an opportunity Toby probably wanted to take.

The big thing though is I really think we’ll need to sign two top class centre halves now. If we manage to sell one of or both Dier and Sanchez too, Romero, Rodon and Tanganga won’t be good enough. We’ll need another.


We really missed Jan when he started to decline because he was the leader, he was the glue that held things together. But for me Toby in his prime was the best centreback I’ve seen for Spurs along with Ledley King. Toby is probably our best defender still but he has been on a steady decline for a few years now, this is a great deal for us. This is the right time for him to leave and it’s a far bigger transfer fee than I was expecting. Good luck to him.
If the reports are correct and we get £13m that shows a profit of £3m as we bought him for £10m. At the time I thought we didn't need him!
Toby and Verts a close second to Woodgate and King.
Never been an issue with Scandinavians who embrace English culture….. when you have the Son fan club not watching the game, not going to pubs and there taking Instagram random photos it’s a bit different
Or any others for that matter. Loads on here including me are from nowhere near North London. My accent stands out a mile in Tottenham but it's never been an issue , been all over the country supporting Spurs, especially from the late eighties to early noughties and used to see and meet for beers with spurs fans I became mates with, many of whom are from North London, sure there used to be piss taking but that's UK culture anyway.

What pisses me off is ' fans' that as soon as a player goes you will not see at WHL again. Like it or not these type of fans represent part of modern football in that the clubs are happy for them to pay top money for tickets , spend a load in the club shop and sit admiring their favourite player all through their I phone and not actually supporting the team. On the flip side I know many supporters that have been priced out of going.
One part of me is sad because of the CB’s we had, he was still the best. Been one of our best ever Prem era signings.

However he’s clearly in decline and it’s great that the club is getting out from under his contract.

However, that it seems easier to shift a 32 year old on a £7.5mil a year deal speaks volumes about the diminished value of Davinson Sanchez AND ESPECIALLY Eric Dier.
One thing I give credit to Mourinho for is persuading Toby to extend his contract. All the signs were that he was ready to go under Poch.

Mourinho gave us an extra season of Toby, and meant we could sell him for decent money rather than leave on a free.
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