Toby Alderweireld

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I was hoping for at least one more glancing header sneaking into the near post off a corner, but it shall not come to pass. Proper player. The Jan/Toby pairing at its peak was immense. Always a good guy too who showed class and poise on the pitch. Best of luck Toby. Thanks for all your hard work and for all the good memories.
Whilst disappointed to see him go, he is most likely leaving at the right time. His performance has declined although still our best CB last season and if he stayed risked damaging his reputation if he could not keep up his on high standards. He goes with my best wishes for his future.


Fucking pay me!!!
Such a brilliant defender. Dont understand why he'd go to Qatar...

I'll miss him like mad.
Still think if he was here right now he'd be our best CB
MOTM in the cup final.
Only real weakness was in the air and well in the later years had some pace issues (age)
But positioning (in general), general defending and distribution etc.. was class. His highlights reel is so long because he did a lot of good.
THis is the painful rebuild we were talking about but the £13m offer is too good to turn down.
Wish him the best of luck in the future!
Sorry but looks like you only received 3m for him
Yesterday went to see Belgium - Estonia game.
In 2nd half he played right in front of me.

Felt more love seeing him on the field than I expected to!

He was such a brilliant-brilliant signing for us. Easily one of the best we have had in past 10 years.
Hope that in some point in future we could see a show/farewell game of Toby-Jan partnership!
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