Tottenham Hotspur v Chelscum - FA Cup Semi Final

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A couple of Tottenham fans tried to start on me and my mate going down Wembley Way, we put them right and then told them to fuck off.

We then had to stop them starting on a young Chelsea tourist, clutching a plastic flag, who'd mistakenly found himself among Spurs supporters. If he'd been giving the big one, then maybe he deserved the attention he was getting, but he was just some poor, terrified young kid, who'd just walk into wrong place at the wrong time.

Wankers. Still every club has them I suppose.
This was when spurs bottled it , this was the day the league was won

After this bottle job the Chavs didn't come close to dropping a point easily winning after scoring 4 past the "best defense in the league"

We needed to pick up 4 points on them but they gained 3 more points on us
Sin Bin vote cast. Fuck off you troll.
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