Vincent Janssen

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He's not a little girly boy so he does for me.
By the way, I was right about Sonupe, right about Son not being worth £22m.
(somebody on here thinks he is), and I'm glad to say that Lamela has finally
toughened up enough to hold his own in the EPL. I introduced you guys
to Franco Vasquez, and finally, the jury's out on N'Jie but I don't rate him.
Not to take a massive dump on him, I trust Poch absolutely at this point (I'm certain this matters to him) liked what I've seen and am optimistic that Vinnie is gonna be fucking righteous, play devil's advocate, Dozy Jozy Altidore scored 23 in 33 appearances for AZ a couple seasons ago....and he was only 23 at the time....and he's shit.

Fuck, why did I say anything.

There is a clear difference between the two, though. Jozy seems to be a clumsy giant with sub-par finishing. In a worse league than PL he can dominate by brute force.

Janssen seems like a top class finisher, who is used to having to rely on smarts and instinct for chances. The fact that this league is stronger and quicker won't affect him as much as it did Jozy.
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