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Can't say I blame them. The amount of grief they get from the fan base is ridiculous.
If they spent more time looking at real issues (ST prices, TV before fans, etc..) instead of sausage rolls and singing at Liverpool fans then they'd have much more support IMO.

I wish them all well though, it can't be easy trying to keep all our fanbase happy.
I don’t like the implication that these guys speak for me. They don’t.
In all fairness, they don't unless you're a member of the Trust.

I'm a season ticket holder and I'm not part of the trust but it's always going to be hard to run something like this because there's a range of opinions as to what it should be.

You can't please all the people all the time and you must wonder what enjoyment either of Martin or Kat were getting out of it at the end.
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6001 responses doesn't seem very high to me? 🤔

Levy probably looks at numbers like that and thinks the fans are not pissed off enough to fill in a survey, so nothing changes.

THST Fan Survey 2022
Much of the month of June was dedicated to our annual Fan Survey, which opened on 6 June and closed on 16 June. Spanning 10 sections including Season Tickets and Memberships, Home Comforts, Spurs are on the Telly, Playing Away, Football Performance, Ownership and Governance and Together THFC, the largest survey of fan opinion at Spurs is vital in helping the Trust prioritise work for the coming season, and for taking a temperature check of views across all the key issues affecting Spurs fans.

We received 6001 responses to the survey from Trust members, non-members, UK-based Spurs fans, Overseas fans, THFC Season Ticket holders and One Hotspur members from all age brackets. We’re busy reviewing the results now and aim to present the findings ahead of the start of the new season in early August.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts and to everyone who helped spread the word, including our friends at The Spurs Show, Last Word on Spurs, The Extra Inch, The Fighting Cock, The Athletic, The Cheese Room, Spurs Web, THFC Flags and others. Your support was much appreciated.
Survey results out tomorrow.

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