What would you do if you were manager of the current squad?

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Realistically as some of the posts are just too far fetched in my opinion.

Go in, have an open and honest chat with the squad. Lay down my philosophy.

Consider a new captain (despite the Lloris words of the other night) and then go from there.

Try not to have favourites as opposed to best performers. Give 2 chances to all players, with the singular metric of effort and then out if the squad for 6/7 matches. One more chance and then goodbye.

And buy desire as much as talent.
am not sure that Bezos is the saviour many think he is.

There aren't really any signs that if he came in he would be willing to spend tons of money to make the team on the level of an Oil team.

Unless he sees that major success boosts his brand and therefore his wealth, I think he would be much like ENIC/Kroenke and do what he could to maximize his profits, and if that meant that spending an amount that keeps us top 4 and in the CL but never really competing for it, that is what I think he would do.

Maybe it would be an improvement because he could operate at a loss during times like this when cash flow is tight, but I am not sure it would result in City/PSG levels of spending and could be a lot of more of the same.

We need a guy like Cuban or Balmer or the Oil sheiks, that get value in seeing the teams wins that goes above money. That put winning above the bottom line. I am not sure Bezos has shown that he has that.
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