Worst transfers of the Levy era?

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I know...this is gonna be a long one, seen as there are soooooo many names who could go on that list!

Hit me up with your Top 3/5/10, the oldies vs newbies...whatever you fancy.

Starter for 10: N'Dombele, Lo Celso, Soldado, Postiga, Boateng, Zamora, Bentley, Chiriches, Capoue, Aurier...
N Dombele , Lo Celso, Lamela, Vincent Jansen

I’d include Soldado but I believe he was genuinely cursed by a higher power and I just feel bad for him.
You're probably right about Soldado. I think Paulinho too could've been a lot better under different circumstances. Capoue was rubbish with us, but he's had a decent career since then. Gylfi and Dempsey didn't work out for us either, when they were great elsewhere. Go figure
So much money wasted, it's unreal. But Levy is still in charge and still thinking he's God's greatest frigging gift when it comes to transfers. When he knows absolute zilch. Our various scouting depts have been shocking too. So much cash blown on dudes with major injury records, no guts, no character...
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