Worst transfers of the Levy era?

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Giovanni Dos Santos has to be up there.
Came with a lot of hype from Barcelona and proceeded to be more interested in London's nightlife than actually playing football.
He was even terrible on a loan to Ipswich if i remember...
Wasted talent. Could be one of the best of his era but lost it to the nightlife and alcohol.
Yes, N'Dumbele was already very notorious for being lazy and nonchalant.

So either our scouting geniuses didn't do their homework, or they thought "nah he'll be alright at ours".

As for Levy, I think he got all wet when he saw him with Lyon vs Barca, when Dombz played well that night...despite Lyon getting trashed 4 or 5-1, I think it was. He probably thought "gonna sign that kid for 50 odd mil and turn him into a 120-150 mil player going to Real/Barca/City...I'll look a right God!"

Signing him, I can get that. But never ever should've spent that insane amount when Lyon had bought him for like 7mil not even 2 years prior. Should've played hardball with Aulas..."you're getting 20 mil + bonuses and that's that".
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