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Same here! The 300 of us are going to be buzzing!

I can feel a few Bale songs coming - is McEvoy eligible? Really want him to play and take a free kick!
/windymode on

McEvoy should be there.

Our team for the last round was:-
McGee, A McQueen, Ward, Dombaxe, Veljkovic, Ogilvie, Michael-Percil, Bentaleb (c), Coulthirst, Onamah & McEvoy.


Shelf Side Tottenham
I've managed to fuck myself over by going for a nap at 4 and waking up at 6.30. I don't own a helicopter so it looks like I'm missing this one.. Fucked off.
HT shout out from stadium announcer for 'the 1882 movement' seems to have gone fairly unnoticed unfortunately, mainly cos most people are either pissing or buying a pie
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