Ben Davies

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Never gave us anything going forward--no confidence on the ball, passes only backward. But now he's a defensive liability too--played Mane onside on that terrible first-half goal earlier in the week, and today lost his man, jogged back, and was the #1 culprit in Brighton's goal.

Time to move on.
Tbh I think we were just set up wrong from the off and most of them seemed uncertain and thus unsupported. You know when you drive to an outdoors event and there's loads of ushers ineffectively guiding you around the maze of cars and you're trying to work out where the fuck you're supposed to be parking? That's how our team looked. Confused. That joy that Poch used to speak of that enables freedom of expression, resulting in players performing their best, was completely absent.

Davies has his duff games but he was far from being the man responsible for yesterday's shit fest. I mean three CBs and Sissoko on the wing - a man not known for his ability to cross in balls. Hojbjerg and Ndombele often a time zone from eachother and Bale given very little service which made him somehow look even more redundant than he's thus far proved to be. Bergwijn swarmed. We had no proper midfield and 3 CBs on their striker. Total waste. It was all on Jose. He fucked up.
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