Ben Davies

Lots are going mad saying £30m for shaw and only £8m for Davies..Lots are asking for Gylfi to be part of the deal..

Shaw is En-ger-lish. Tabloids can hype him up as the Three Lion's saviour; that adds a good £20m alone. Davies is only Welsh; no Three Lions, and besides, what world-class Left-Back ever came from Wales…

Jokes aside, dealing with Swansea makes sense: Davies and Bony in exchange for Sigurdsen plus some money. With Livermore's fee in already, and Dawson on his way too, the Swansea dealing seems a sensible move. I mean, it's not Contrao and Mandzucic, but its a solid upgrade.
From his wikipedia page:

MilfDuck Davies :dawsonlol:
Been looking on a few Swansea websites, and the general opinion is £8m is an insult...

My number one problem with modern football? Huge sides massively inflating wages and transfer fees. 8 mil is a damn good price for Davies. I'm not sure we should even spend that much TBH. Hopefully no one at Swansea gets the idea to ask for a huge fee based off of how much Shaw went for, cause it's insane to say they're on the same level right now.
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