Combatting racism in football

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"Puck Futin"
This is probably not the thread for it. But this is another example of Spurs shifting Son more and more into being the face of the club rather than Harry. Even with Harry staying after the window.

I may be thinking too much about it but the club is most likely still prepared for his exit.

Obviously for this particular video Son makes sense since he has suffered from racial abuse whilst playing for us. But you see it in our other media content as well.

You may well be right.


Death to petro-murder-ball sports-washing.
Heard a black history month interview with Kieran Dyer last night...... He listed off a bunch of 80s black footballers as an inspiration and a symbol of strength....... He then said Jermaine Jenas was too. I had to laugh......
Any update on their 'investigation' in the sectarian abuse of john mcginn?
Towards the massive outcry of the unproven claims of rudigers racism against us as usual the media seem to have forgotten about this and brushed this aside. The reaction towards racial abuse and sectarian abuse from wider media and public is miles apart and a disgrace. Then again maybe if our fans did it it would still be headline news
Still awaiting

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