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Football is in the destiny of many people. Among these seems to be Phil Foden, who already at ten seemed to have a footballing maturity higher than many of his peers.

A video has popped up on the web portraying a very young Foden, interviewed by a television crew, expressing his thoughts on Mario Balotelli, at the time the tip of Manchester City.

"He is a strong player, but off the pitch he behaves like a big kid."
A thought that has been expressed several times towards SuperMario, who has always had to deal with a temperament that is often over the top.


"Intelligent but stupid" - Ahab

Sure, the guy's a plastic, so he doesn't know WHO Peterborough is. But how the fuck does an English person, and not a Londoner mind you, not know WHERE Peterborough is?

Up the dang Posh

It's the same damn thing as when people make super clips of dumbasses on the streets who can't point out on a map the country they live in.


Death to petro-murder-ball sports-washing.


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