Come here to laugh at Gooners

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Urgh....... Woolwich colleagues are all pinning their hopes on Spurs finishing 7th and then them winning the FA Cup so as to "Knock us out of Europe"

They're trying to paint that as a successful season that would really hurt us.

Jesus, the level that they have become that they'd even think that.......
Since they made the final, the goons have been out in force in Romford, wearing their horrible shirts, didn't spot one after the NLD.
Never have I wanted the Chavs to win a game, otherwise these muppets are going to have the last laugh.
When we want Chelsea to lose a game “they should lose” against Bayern they win...When we want them to win a game which “they should win” against Woolwich knowing those Chavs they will probably lose......let’s see how active the Spurs curse is these days....

SouthStand Billy

We’ve smashed even more of their dreams.. They were wetting themselves with excitement at the prospect of winning the FA cup and stopping us from getting European football.

They just can’t grab a break can they, bless em.
Asda, Lidl, Tescos and Sainsburys have said that any customers with a "Mental Impairment" do not have to wear a mask whilst shopping in their stores. But they have asked that those with the condition do continue to wear their Woolwich shirts so that staff can spot them and avoid any misunderstanding.
He’s a proper sad case that DT

As if he wouldn’t be shouting from the rooftops if they finished above us

he’s a walking contradiction as well as a woman beater
He is the only one i genuinely hate on that silly excuse of a channel.
The rest are annoying bell-ends, but he is a nasty piece of work.
Not that i would ever condone violence,but i would love to see him sat on his arse instead of talking out of it.
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