Come here to laugh at United

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Airfixx Here to help.
Who the fuck does this Ragnick cunt think he is...?

1 game of English football into his career and he's calling to bin off the League Cup.

...Tosser isn't even in it, FFS!!!

I don't think Rangnick is the answer for United. interesting analysis from Neville about attitude of Fernandes and Ronaldo being frustrated and publicly sulking etc.

there's a poison in that club and you love to see it
Conte's Utd, before signings (where they could have easily given him £200m+ to spend):

De Gea
AWB Varane Maguire
Sancho Pogba McTominay Bruno Shaw
Ronaldo Rashford​

With Lindelof, Fred, Greenwood, Cavani to sub in. He'd have got them motoring.

Thank God we lost that game and Levy was forced into pulling the trigger.


Listen to thinky
We'll see whether Rangnick's 4222 is the same as Poch's diamond - with him determined to prove he can make it work, there - if he rolls it out again next game.

A wise man would go 4231.

Radical Rei

Cheese room enthusiast
I remember going on their stadium tour a few months back (friends, a united supporter) and thinking it was a perfect metaphor for their club.

Yes there was a rather mighty trophy room, but the whole place looked really run down going to their café I thought I'd been transported back to the 90s.

A club in stagnation, no doubt.
Didn't see the game, delighted to come home and see that result. Not surprised, they have no midfield, Pogba injury is more damaging than you'd think.
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