We've seen 'quiet, puppy-dog eyes Dele' (Jose's office) and 'sulky, throw your boots' Dele (that pissed Dier off).....

When have we seen 'fired up, determined to improve' Dele?
Maybe, if we get Bale, it will be the kick up the arse he needs.
Bale only wants to go to a club where he will play regularly, that means putting the effort in, both in traing and on the pitch.
Hopefully Dele will see and learn from that, he's had ot too easy the last couple of years with no competition for his place.
Hard to believe Dele wasn't one of the 18 taken. Maybe he doesn't play, but is available just in case. I wonder if he is part of the Bale deal after all??

If it's true I think it's more likely that he's been told to stay at the training ground and improve his condition and train hard. He did not look mobile against Everton.

You have to work hard and perform to maintain your place in the pecking order, we aren't seeing Dele do that on the pitch.


Tier 1
A few other sources online saying he wasn't selected. After playing 45 minutes Sunday it can't be because of rest. And if you remember when Dier was taken out at Olympicaos, Jose wanted to put him straight back in the team for the next game. I have to think something else is going on here.
Its frustrating with Dele because there is a chance for him to really work on his game and work his way back into the starting line-up discussion by playing in the Europa League/Cup games and working on the skills he needs to.

He could really take this opportunity to talk with Jose find out how he can improve his skills and playing against lesser talent where he can afford to make some mistakes, improve. I am not sure how much is up to him but I imagine if his attitude was right Jose would make him a key part of our "B" team.
It's the very basics of the game that seem to have escaped him, trapping the ball, shielding it, retaining possession in the final third. Infuriating to watch nowadays. Love him at his best, was class for 4/5 games last year and then it deserted him again.
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