***England V Czech Rep 22/06/2021***

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Formerly Known As Fatty1mate
2 games in 3 matches yet he is the worst finisher ever says one and has been playing poorly according to others.
Mark Wahlberg Reaction GIF by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
:tobyarm: :smesh:

No idea of the score, but I shall predict this!

If it is 0-0 and into the last 15 mins or so.. I bet my house on whatever terrible pundit it is will say "Czech Mate" if they score..

Furball man

🏆 🏆 🏆🏆🏆🏆
Claims lack of experience yet he has more top flight appearances than Rice, Phillips & Mings...
It’s bloody ridiculous. As Airfixx Airfixx says , Southgate is too timid . He looks at not losing more than winning which makes for often unnerving viewing .

If we come up against a real threat he’ll probably 5-4-1
We aren’t winning it so we may as well have a go


"Legacy Fan"
Yeah, it is a bit strange. Maybe Gilmour, Chilwell and Mount had a secret threesome or something.
I totally understand why they have to self isolate, but it would be nice if someone explained what this interaction amounted to and how these two managed to spend more time with Gilmour than any of his own teammates.
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